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Vialis Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Vialis is a daily dietary supplement that is designed to help men improve their mood, wellbeing, and sexual performance. Their advertising claims that it can increase men’s energy levels and work to combat negative factors like stress and fatigue.

Sexually, Vialis may have some uses for helping men to achieve and maintain an erection, while also potentially improving their sex drive and other secondary sexual performance factors. It may have benefits for men’s overall circulatory levels, their testosterone production, and their ability to enjoy sex.

The supplement that our team believes can have the most significant impact on men’s overall sexual performance is a brand called Viritenz. It has applications for a wide variety of sexual functions, and can help men athletically and in a number of other ways related to all-around bodily wellness. Follow this link to learn more about how Viritenz may be able to help you improve in your specific need areas.

Vialis Ingredients and Side Effects

Vialis uses not only a relatively short list of ingredients, but they also somewhat small quantities of each ingredient, so ultimately there is very little in Vialis when compared to other brands of male enhancement products. Their active ingredients are as follows:

White Mushroom Extract Horny Goat Weed Extract Avena Sativa Extract
Clavo Huasca Extract L-Norvaline Black Diamond Truffle

White Mushroom Extract: This is the largest dose of any ingredient in Vialis at only 100mg, however it is not especially clear which plant exactly this refers to, as it could be a number of different species within the mushroom kingdom. Most likely it refers to the white button mushroom, which has displayed some benefits for aromatase conversion, the process that converts testosterone into estrogen.

If it does have any kind of sexual impact, which has yet to be clinically established, they will most likely be mild. There is also not enough safety data regarding white button mushroom consumption for our team to feel comfortable recommending it to our readers, especially for long term use.

Horny Goat Weed: An herbal stimulant that has developed a reputation as an aphrodisiac, though this may be overblown somewhat. It may also potentially lead to some negative side effects in users, which can possibly include:

  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Irritability and anxiety
  • Heart palpitation, fluctuation, or damage
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack

Avena Sativa Extract: Derivatives of the common oat straw plant. Avena sativa has been shown to have a number of positive effects on the body including helping to increase the body’s levels of free testosterone, which can impact erectile function, libido, and seminal production, amongst other beneficial effects.

Clavo Huasca Extract: An herb found growing near the Amazon river and in other areas of South America that has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, though very little scientific evidence exists to prove either its effectiveness or its safety.

L-Norvaline: A non-essential amino acid that is thought to have some potential benefits for sexual performance as it is a precursor to the semi-essential amino Arginine, which is a known sexual performance booster.

Black Diamond Truffle: An expensive and renowned delicacy used in food products, black diamond truffles are often thought of as aphrodisiacs. This is due in large part to the pheromones that they secret in order to alert truffle hunting pigs to their presence.

There is little clinical data that proves the effectiveness of black truffle for sexual uses, especially in such small quantities. It is also possible that processing truffles in such a way that compromises their scent may reduce their effectiveness.

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Vialis Quality of Ingredients

Vialis uses only minimal quantities of ingredients that have only showed minimal levels of effectiveness for male enhancement purposes. As such, it is difficult to imagine that it could have a significant impact on men’s sexual performance levels.

The two ingredients that our team is most optimistic about are avena sativa and L-Norvaline. Avena sativa has shown some concrete benefits for testosterone function, and L-Norvaline can help the body produce Arginine – although in general our team tends to recommend simply taking L-Arginine directly.

They also use horny goat weed, however, which is an ingredient that our team encourages our readers to avoid, if possible, due to its potential for causing side effects, some of which have the potential to be serious. Their other ingredients are lacking in the type of hard data that our team likes to see in products that they recommend, as anecdotal evidence is often unreliable and may not account for individual safety concerns.

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The Price and Quality of Vialis

Vialis used to be more widely distributed than it is today, and many of the online distributors that used to carry their products no longer maintain active pages for them. It is still sold through the home page of their manufacturer, Health Research Laboratories, for the following prices:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of Vialis male enhancement dietary supplement tablets: $24.95
  • 3, 60-count bottles (90-day supply) of Vialis male enhancement dietary supplement tablets: $59.94
  • 5, 60-count bottles (150-day supply) of Vialis male enhancement dietary supplement tablets: $83.30

These prices are slightly below market average for most products of this type. This is most likely due to the fact that they use such small doses of their relatively short ingredients blend.

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Business of Vialis

As mentioned above, the manufacturer of Vialis is a company called Health Research Laboratories, LLC, which they often list as HRL, HR Laboratories, or HRL supplements. The contact information that they provide on their corporate homepage is as follows:

Phone Number: (800) 417-4432

Address: 3064 Silver Sage Dr. Ste. 150

Carson City, NC 89701

Email: [email protected]

HRL Supplements has developed a somewhat negative reputation online, which includes a D+ rating with the BBB, including a 100% negative customer feedback rating. The BBB lists over 50 complaints received for HRL, and our research team found 30 more on Pissed Consumer and many others on sites like Ripoff Report and Complaints Desk.

They were also found to be in violation of several of the FDA’s cGMP rules, including making unverified comments about their products. Vialis is not specifically mentioned as one of the products in violation by HRL, however our team still takes any violations of manufacturing rules and regulations seriously.

Consumers should take care to note that HRL and HR Laboratories are also designations that have been used by an aviation sciences company currently called HRL Laboratories and formerly known as Hughes Research Laboratories. There is no connection between these companies, and HRL Laboratories seems to be in good standing within their industry.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Vialis

As mentioned in the previous section, there are hundreds of complaints about Vialis, HRL, and their other affiliated brands. Here are some of the things that users have written about the experiences on the previously listed consumer rights websites:

“Um, hello? When is this stuff supposed to kick in? Took the entire bottle and saw absolutely no effects of any kind.”

“Total rip-off, but that’s what I get for picking some shady, cheap, junk. I should have done more research beforehand. Oh well, I’ll try again with something else I guess.”

The complaints about the product itself were only slightly more frequent than past users’ complaints about the way that they were treated by the business and customer service representatives of HRL. These issues included rude phone demeanor, difficulty in receiving refunds, and the use of loopholes, fine print, and other less obvious tactics in order to charge their customers or avoid paying them more money.

  • Effectiveness54%2.7/5
  • Consumer reviews50%2.5/5
  • Quality of ingredients54%2.7/5
  • Cost62%3.1/5
  • Money Back60%3/5
  • Overall Rating56%2.8/5
Conclusion – Does Vialis Work?

Vialis has a very unique ingredients list, however this is not necessarily a good thing, as there tends to be a reason that there are very few brands that use black truffle, clavo huasca, and white button mushrooms. There seems to be very little chance that using only avena sativa, a precursor to a more potent ingredient, and several other untested or unrecommended additives, could compare to a product that uses a well-rounded section of ingredients in healthy sized doses.

The fact that there is no more that 100mg of any of these ingredients means that it is unlikely that Vialis will be able to have a significant biological impact of any kind on its users. As such, it is difficult for our team to recommend it above any other brand of male enhancement supplements.

One brand whose ingredients selection is used as a model of effectiveness within the industry is Viritenz. They use both vasodilators and circulatory rate enhancers in order to achieve maximum erectile performance.

They also provide both testosterone production and testosterone processing boosters in order to optimize testosterone production. Click here to read testimonials from Viritenz users describing their experiences with the supplement.

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  • Cost91%5/5
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