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Slim 4 Life Review – Is it safe? Read full review

What is Slim 4 Life?

There may be some people out there who have become jaded over diet pills, shakes and other supplements and their effectiveness. That’s where Slim 4 Life comes in, claiming to instead be a weight loss program that claims will help users not only lose weight, but live a more healthy lifestyle overall.

The program consists of a one-one-one consultation with a supervisor that will help you meet more healthy eating goals. So with a supervisor to watch and track your habits, this seems fool proof, does it not? Or is this really not effective as, as it’s availability is limited to only three states in America? We decided to find out.

Who makes it?

Generic-pillsThe Slim 4 Life program was created by the Slim 4 Life company, which has it’s headquarters in Independence, Missouri. Slim 4 Life produces diet programs for people looking to lose weight. The company also produces a variety of foods, shakes and drinks that are all meant to compliment their programs. Slim 4 Life programs are a bit limited, as they are only available in Missouri, Texas and Kansas.

How (and) does it work?

If someone wanted to sign up with Slim 4 Life, they would have to first set up a consultation that is claimed to not only last 30 minutes, but be free as well. From there the employee with Slim 4 Life will help you find a diet plan that is right for you. Because people are all different, they can set no price on any of their programs, and are not able to do this over the phone.

There have been complaints that this program is a scam, and that the prices of the foods and drinks they offer are very expensive.

What is this program made up of?

Slim 4 Life made up of diet programs that are meant to be used from grocery store foods. This is as opposed to pre-packaged foods that you cannot find anywhere else that makes you dependent on their products. There is also an education section where the counselors teach those in the program good eating habits for their continued success.

This all however cannot be done remotely, but must be done on site at their facilities. This makes the program very limiting, especially if you are not in one of the states that it is available, this program quickly becomes out of the question.

If this sounds like too much hassle, check out the top 10 list, which includes all natural, effective diet pills.

What’s good about it?

Because of the vague price information and the very limited locations, we can’t really say anything good about this program.

What’s bad about it?

medical pillsFrom the onset Slim 4 Life mentions that it really can’t give any clear estimate as to how much their program is going to cost. To us that comes off as a bit of a scam, because if you are going to invest your time and energy into this, why can’t they be upfront about how much this is going to cost? With some research however, we found that the prices of everything to be high, with plans ranging in the $300-600 range.

But still, this all really only applies to you if you are near one of their locations. With locations only in Missouri, Kansas and Texas, this leaves 47 other states completely out of the picture. And even if you were in one of these locations, the distance could still be very far to cover. One user mentioned that she lived 250 miles away from the location, making that a 500 round trip!

The company also makes no mention of a money-back guarantee. So after all the money you could spend on the program itself, after all the hundreds of miles included in that that you may need to travel, if you don’t like it well..sorry? You shouldn’t have to go through so much to just not get your money back.

There are users who defend this program, saying that it is effective, but we get a little bit of a feeling that if a person really is going through such great lengths, the last thing they want to believe, is that it was actually all for not. Hence, defending the program at all costs.

Wrap Up

To us, everything about this program is a red flag. From the unclear price tags to the incredibly limited locations that you need to go into, there’s really no reason to spend so much time and money.

Bottom Line:

If you want to lose weight, there’s no reason that you should have to enter something that sounds vaguely like a cult. With high prices to some reports of very restricted diets, to having to actually go in person to the locations, when there is such thing as Skype, Face Time and Google hangouts now, everything about this program is wrong. Diet pills are a much cheaper, more effective option.

Sure a diet plan may sound like a good idea, especially if the diet pill world has got you a little jaded. But that doesn’t mean you have to jump through ridiculous hoops just to get the results you want.

We recommend instead looking into safe, affordable effective diet pills.

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