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Six Star Testosterone Booster Review: Is It Safe?

Six Star Testosterone Booster is a male enhancement product that is specially formulated to have a beneficial impact on its users’ testosterone levels. It is advertised as a booster for both athletic and sexual performance, especially in regards to muscle building and workout endurance.

They claim that it helps to maintain testosterone to cortisol ratios, which is a factor in generating and retaining new muscle tissues. Its promotional materials also claim that it can help men regain past sexual performance levels, or even reach new heights of satisfaction for both the user and their partner.

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Who Makes It?

Six Star Testosterone Booster is an entry in the Six Star line of workout and athletic performance supplements, which in turn is owned by pharmaceuticals and wellness products giant Iovate Health Sciences. Iovate itself has recently been bought out by the Chinese multibillion dollar conglomerate Xiwan Foodstuffs.

There have been legal issues for these companies at every level, with Six Star, Iovate, and Xiwang all having been the targets of lawsuits in the past. The charges have been wide-ranging and include patent infringement, racketeering, corruption, and product spiking, and Iovate was the manufacturer behind the notorious Hydroxycut line of weight loss products.

Hydroxycut was found guilty of using misleading labeling and inaccurate advertising, but their products also caused damage to a number of users’ livers, increasing liver enzymes overall, causing liver failure in some people, and even leading to the death of one man. Iovate has been forced to settle a number of different suits related to the since-reformulated product.

They also settled a lawsuit filed against Six Star specifically, which was related to false advertising charges for their Pro NO Fury pre-workout powder. Overall, based on this history our team of experts encourages users to be in general exercise caution when dealing with any of these brands, their subsidiaries, or affiliates.

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How (and) Does It Work?

Six Star Testosterone Booster claims to work in several ways. First, they claim that their product increases testosterone production overall, increasing the levels of free testosterone in the body within seven days of regular use. Testosterone helps the body build muscle and increase energy production, as well as improving its overall sexual functionality.

It plays a role in libido and the frequency of sexual thoughts and fantasies, which in turn effects erectile function. It also impacts orgasm health, seminal quality, and a number of other significant sexual performance metrics.

They also say that it can help the body to maintain its testosterone-to-cortisol ratio, which can help to improve muscle building overall. Cortisol is a hormone that can have a degrading effect on muscle tissue, impeding workout effectiveness.

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What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

Six Star Testosterone Booster has a very short list of ingredients, however what is most surprising about it is the fact that of the four items listed among their active ingredients, only one has actually been clinically proven to positively affect testosterone production.

Their ingredients blend is just over 500mg in total, which is very small for products of this nature. For comparison, leading brands may include several hundred milligrams of a single quality ingredient, and they usually feature relatively complicated mixtures that can are able to benefit the body in multiple ways.

The ingredients list for Six Star Testosterone Booster is exceptionally short and composed of limited quantities of minimally effective ingredients, which means that it is not thought that it can have a particularly noticeable effect on most users’ testosterone production or sexual performance.

The ingredients listed on their website are:

Calcium: An essential nutrient that is critical to proper biological functioning. Calcium plays a role in bone formation, blood clotting, and nervous function. It is not a performance booster in any sense however, and taking increased levels of calcium has not been shown to have an increased impact on these systems.

Calcium is one of the necessary components of seminal production, and taking calcium supplements may be beneficial for men with certain nutritional deficiencies. Most people, however, consume more than enough calcium in their normal diet and do not require extra supplementation.

Rhodiola Extract: Chemicals derived from a specific, lesser used relative of the rhodiola rosea plant. Rhodiola is a flowering herb that grows in high altitudes and cold temperatures, which has led to its common name “arctic root.”

Rhodiola is far more commonly used in nootropic products than male enhancement supplements. Rhodiola is considered an adaptogen and may have some uses for helping the brain fight stress and perform optimally under pressure.

Rhodiola also has some use for fighting fatigue and generating core level energy. It has not been shown to help increase testosterone in any capacity, nor has it been clinically proven to have any kind of erectile effects or aphrodisiac qualities.

Ginkgo Extract: Chemicals derived from the leaves of the ginkgo biloba tree that may have some minor pro-erectile effects. Ginkgo trees originally were cultivated in China before their usage spread worldwide, thanks mostly to the memory enhancing qualities of its extracts.

Ginkgo fruits are inedible and when their skin is breached they tend to have an unpleasant smell that is most frequently compared to dog poop. Their leaves, however, are thought to be beneficial for a number of reasons.

They have some mild circulatory benefits, which can have a positive effect on erectile function. Like rhodiola, ginkgo is far more frequently used in nootropic products than for male enhancement.

Boron: Another basic mineral that the body needs for proper functionality. Boron has actually been shown to have some pro testosterone qualities, unlike any of the other ingredients in Six Star Testosterone Booster, and it is highly recommended by our team of experts for inclusion in male enhancement products.

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What’s Good About It?

Six Star Testosterone Booster does use boron in their otherwise limited ingredient blend, which means that they have at least one ingredient in their product that has the potential to boost testosterone rates. The other additives in their blend, while not known as effective ingredients for male enhancement, are generally accepted as healthy and can have some positive effects for the body, including ginkgo biloba, which could add some mild erectile benefits to Six Star Testosterone Booster’s effects.

What’s Bad About It?

For being a product that advertises themselves as a testosterone booster, there is very little in their blend that can actually have some pro-testosterone effects. They have a very short list of ingredients in their pills, and they have very small doses of those ingredients. It seems unlikely that Six Star Testosterone Booster could have much of an effect on users’ bodies one way or the other.

Six Star, Iovate, and Xiwan all have had trouble legally, which makes our experts nervous about recommending any of their products to our readers. They have been accused of a wide variety of misdeeds as a company, some of which have led to the death or permanent injury of their customers.

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Wrap Up:

Six Star Testosterone Booster is a daily nutritional supplement that is theoretically designed to help boost testosterone production in their users, however its blend is not one that inspires confidence in our team of experts. They only use one ingredient that has been proven to be effective for male enhancement products, another that may have some slight benefits, and two others that are not thought to be useful at all.

Six Star Testosterone Booster is also made by a company that is not well respected within our team of experts due to their past issues with advertising accuracy, mislabeling, and selling products that may have dangerous side effects for their users.

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  • Effectiveness44%2.2/5
  • Consumer reviews40%2/5
  • Quality of ingredients44%2.2/5
  • Cost52%2.6/5
  • Money Back50%2.5/5
  • Overall Rating46%2.3/5
Bottom Line

For all of the reasons listed above, it would be irresponsible for our team of experts to recommend that our users try Six Star Testosterone Booster. It does not seem likely that it will be effective for boosting testosterone function significantly, and its one effective ingredient, boron, can easily be found in products that surround it with a much more potent blend of other additives.

The male enhancement product that has shown the most potency in our examinations has been Viritenz. It uses boron in its mixture, however it is just one part of their extensive blend of powerful additives.

Every ingredient in the 100% natural blend that’s used by Viritenz has been clinically proven by third party analysts to improve testosterone function, circulatory function, or some other critical aspect of male sexual performance. Click here to see the specific ways that Viritenz is superior to the other brands of male enhancement products on the market.

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