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Silagra Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

Silagra is a prescription medication that is used by men that are trying to overcome the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED). It is a PDE5 inhibitor in the same class as Viagra and other circulatory boosters that helps improve blood flow to the erectile tissues of the penis.

This has the effect of helping some men that may have had difficulty achieving and maintaining a rigid, sexually functional state. It may also be able to increase penile sensitivity, help men recharge after orgasm, and allow users to reach their maximum possible erect size.

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Silagra Ingredients and Side Effects

Silagra is the brand name of a generic form of the main active ingredient found in the common prescription ED medication Viagra:


Sildenafil: The most prescribed erectile dysfunction medication worldwide. It’s is in a class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors which relax the muscles that surround the body’s vascular system, allowing for more blood flow to occur at any given time.

Blood flow is one of the main factors in erectile functionality in general, as the body has to be able to divert enough blood to completely fill the tissue of the corpora cavernosa without compromising normal biological function. The effects of sildenafil can cause blood pressure levels to drop in their users, sometimes dramatically.

This can be an issue for some men, as it has the potential to lead to some unpleasant side effects including:

  • Chills
  • Sweating
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Lightheadedness and dizziness
  • Loss of consciousness

In some rare cases, these side effects can be even more dramatic and may include serious health consequences such as heart attacks or strokes. There are some men that have died after taking sildenafil, most frequently because it had not been prescribed to them or because it was included as an unlisted ingredient in a less-reputable over the counter product.

Our team strongly discourages men from taking prescription drugs that have not been recommended to them by a qualified professional. Doing so is illegal and risks their health, and there is also no guarantee that it will be effective for your specific needs.

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Silagra Quality of Ingredients

Silagra and other sildenafil products are popular across the world because they have helped millions of men regain their lost erectile abilities. It is a specific form of prescription drug that can be recommended only by doctors who are able to take into account all of the issues and needs that are facing any individual patient.

As potent as sildenafil is, however, it is not necessarily the solution for every man’s unique issues. Not only does it not have an ability to help men that are dealing with premature ejaculation or infertility, but it may not even be able to help every different form of ED.

Circulatory issues are one of the more common causes of ED, especially as men get older, however there are quite a few factors that can play a role in it as well. This could include psychological issues, prostate-related issues, nerve damage, or any number of other causes.

Interested users should also be aware that the manufacturing practices of pharmaceutical companies in India are not as strictly regulated as the practices of companies in the United States or the European Union. Cipla is one of the more reputable companies within India, however they have been cited by the FDA multiple times for issues regarding their manufacturing processes, the state of their facilities, and their storage and shipping practices.

The Price and Quality of Silagra

Silagra was first developed as a less expensive alternative to Viagra, which is unaffordable for the vast majority of men that do not have health insurance to cover it. Silagra, however can be purchased online for little over the price of most single-use male enhancement products.

There are quite a few sites that claim to carry Silagra, and the prices tend to range from as little as $0.75 to as much as $3.00 per pill. Interested consumers should be aware, however, that there are some significant concerns regarding counterfeit versions of Silagra and other Indian-manufactured pharmaceutical products.

It can be difficult to tell which online retailers can be trusted and which ones cannot, which is why our panel of experts encourage our readers to only use pharmacies and pharmaceutical products that they know to be reliable. There is no reliable legal source for Silagra in the United States.

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Business of Silagra

The manufacturer of Silagra is the Indian pharmaceuticals giant Cipla. Cipla is one of the largest corporations in the world, doing hundreds of billions of dollars in business per year. The contact information for their American offices are as follows:

Phone Number: (844) 247-5287

Address: Cipla USA, Inc.

1560 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway, Suite 130

Sunrise, FL 33323

Email: [email protected]

Despite Cipla’s size and reputation, they have had a variety of legal issues over their time in business, often related to them attempting to infringe upon other company’s products. Silagra is one such product, as Cipla has been accused of mimicking the exact chemical formula that Pfizer uses for Viagra.

This means that the legality of Silagra depends on where the interested user lives. Consult with your medical professional about your options, which may or may not legally include Silagra.

It is possible that Silagra can be purchased on the black market or from one of the many websites that claim to be willing to ship it anywhere, however this is not a practice that our panel of experts can endorse. For moral, legal, and safety reasons, our team never encourages our readers to consume controlled substances that have not been prescribed to them and acquired from a reputable source.

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Customer Opinions of Silagra

There are quite a few reviews and discussions that can be found online regarding Silagra, its safety, effectiveness, and how it compares to other products of a similar nature. Here are some quotes that our research team has pulled from the various forums and websites where men were describing their experiences with the drug:

“I lost my health insurance and wasn’t going to be able to afford Viagra anymore, so I started looking into alternatives. Silagra looked like a good option at first, however it was not nearly as effective as the Viagra, and it didn’t last as long. I know they’re supposed to be the same, but it just wasn’t for me.”

“I thought I could impress my girlfriend by taking this stuff to boost my size and performance. I should have tested it before she came into town, because I did NOT react well to it. My stomach felt terrible and I was woozy and thought I might pass out.”

The two most frequent types of comments that men made regarding Silagra were that it was not as effective as they expected, especially when compared to other male enhancement products, and that it caused them to experience some degree of side effects.

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  • Effectiveness50%2.5/5
  • Consumer reviews46%2.3/5
  • Quality of ingredients50%2.5/5
  • Cost58%2.9/5
  • Money Back56%2.8/5
  • Overall Rating52%2.6/5
Conclusion – Does Silagra Work?

Silagra has the potential to be effective for a certain number of men that are experiencing erectile dysfunction. There are, however, a number of complications with it that prevent our team from being able to give it an unqualified endorsement.

First, it is a prescription drug that is only available to those men that have a doctor’s recommendation, and our team does not recommend pursuing it to anyone that has not first received this clearance. Secondly, there are a number of manufacturing concerns that our team has about their parent company Cipla, who does not operate under the same kind of regulatory restrictions as many other drug manufacturers do.

Lastly, there are a number of countries – including the United States – where Silagra is not legal even with a prescription. Overall, there are a large number of other options that are available to most users that our panel of experts would recommend pursuing before attempting to use Silagra.

Before attempting to use drugs or surgery to correct ED, our team recommends that our readers try exercising more, modifying their diet, and adding in a nutritional supplement like Viritenz. Male enhancement supplement can provide similar circulatory support as Viritenz can, as well as also contributing to their testosterone production and other key factors involved in the arousal process.

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