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Pure Forskolin Review – Does it Really Work?

What is Pure Forskolin?

This brand claims to provide pure all natural Forskolin extract in its most potent form, which they assert leads to safe and effective weight loss. According to their pitch other brands say they have the active ingredient but this is the the purest source with the strongest amount available for consumption.

There’s mention that this product works without any side effect and that it is stimulant free.

So far so good, so does it do what it says? Let’s see what we find.

Who makes it?

Although Texas based BioGanix creates this product, their main head is the Elite IM Solutions, a internet marketing specialist group.

While not necessarily a bad thing it does call into question the claims made as they may be exaggerated for appeal.

How (and) does it work?

This plant based ingredient is meant to tackle the storage of fat. According to the manufactures it may(not guaranteed) get rid of fat acids. They claim this in turn leads to thermogenesis which can help burn off calories. They also mention this “theoretically” increases a lean body.

After each mention of fat loss there is a mention that it is believed to work and that it may do these things. There are no confident reassuring declarations offered when describing this products fat loss potential.

It’s great that add that these effects may come and they say it’s “believed to work in this way”, as opposed to it will. According to them this product is intended to work but it also may not. It’s unclear why their Amazon page says with confidence as to its positive effects. Meanwhile their official page is more reluctant to make any of the positive claims.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Although Forskolin is intended to be used for fat loss, currently only 2 studies have existed. One of which was funded by a manufacturer of this ingredient. Unbiased evidence does exist for all natural supplements.


-Coleus Forskohlii Extract(standardized 20%,  50 mg forskolin): Taken from the Indian Coleus Plant, it is used for urinary tract infections and added to supplements for weight loss.

Potential Side Effects: Skin irritation, flushed skin, restlessness, tremor, and stinging skin.

What’s good about it?

Product comes from a GMP certified facility and is stimulant free.

What’s bad about it?Bottle with falling out pills

There are a few lies that are concerning; they really bring to question how this product is intended to work.

They claim this product has no side effects in all capital letters. However right next to this they add most people have reported no side effects. It’s good they immediately fess up and admit but why do they even claim it and quickly say it isn’t true? They’ve also mentioned this product has certified effects on weight loss. If this were true then why don’t they feature any of these proven studies? This really contradicts their earlier remarks on their official website. Instead of being “GUARANTEED” as they claim on Amazon, their site makes softer claims. Suddenly on their site it says it may and it is believed as opposed to it will work.

There are even claims that this is doctor and expert recommended yet once again they do not add who these people are. It does not make any sense why they would continue to make bold statements yet offer absolutely no evidence to back it up.

One habitual habit the manufacturers have are to have just quick snippets and grand claims. They do not offer much important and necessary information as to how this product was formed and why they claim it to be the strongest and most effective out of any forskolin supplements. No evidence is offered for any of these claims which makes it hard to take seriously.

Wrap Up

While the product is stimulant free there is very little we can verify from this product. Sure there are a lot of great things it promises but nowhere stated is how it actually works. No mention of studies yet they claim experts recommend it. No explanation of how Forskolin works exactly yet they claim it’s very effective. There isn’t many facts provided with supported evidence to make this a good choice for weight loss. Many contradictions that do not offer a real understanding of this products use keep popping up.

  • Effectiveness64%3.2/5
  • Consumer reviews60%3/5
  • Quality of ingredients64%3.2/5
  • Cost72%3.6/5
  • Money Back70%3.5/5
  • Overall Rating66%3.3/5
Bottom Line:

It’s very easy to make claims that a product works without providing any evidence to back up these claims. In order to help you feel at ease we’ve provided a list of supplements with all your questions answered to leave no doubt.

Instead of taking a shot with an unknown company that offers very little useful information. Take advantage of the solutions that actually lead to weight loss without any doubt in your mind.

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