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Prelox Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

Prelox is a male enhancement product that is designed to help restore lost erectile function in older men and to help younger men improve their overall sexual performance levels. This includes helping men to avoid the occurrence of sexual failures such as loss of erection, premature ejaculation, and low or weak sperm.

It is a circulatory function booster, which is a critical factor in being able to achieve and maintain proper erectile rigidity. It may also have some benefits for testosterone production as well, which is related to erectile function and other aspects of sexual responsiveness like libido levels, sexual endurance, and seminal production.

The most effective male enhancement product that our team of experts has reviewed is named Viritenz. It is a well-rounded male enhancement product that seeks to improve men’s performance abilities in a wide variety of ways. To learn more about all of the different specific approaches to improving erectile health and libido that Viritenz uses, just follow this link.

Prelox Ingredients and Side Effects
L-Arginine Aspartic Acid
Pycnogenol Dried French Maritime Pine Bark (Extract) Icariin (Aerial Parts)

L-Arginine: An amino acid that is used in products of this nature because of its ability to turn into nitric oxide when it enters the bloods stream. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator that helps the body pump more blood through the circulatory system at any given time. L-Arginine also has benefits for testosterone production, blood sugar levels, and insulin production.

Aspartic Acid: Another amino acid that has some similar effects on circulation as L-Arginine. Its effects on testosterone are more debated however, and in general our team does not recommend it as highly.

Pycnogenol Dried French Maritime Pine Bark (Extract): A trademarked form of derivatives taken from the exterior of the pinus pinaster tree. It is possible that Pycnogenol may have some benefits for blood pressure or blood flow, however there is no data that has demonstrated that it may be able to help men achieve better erections.

Icariin (Aerial Parts): A less-common name for the Chinese herb horny goat weed, which is also sometimes listed by its scientific name epimedium sagitattum. Icariin is a central nervous system stimulant that has demonstrated some pro-erectile effects, but that may also be connected to a number of potential side effects including:

  • Fluctuations in blood pressure
  • Improper clotting of the blood
  • Dehydration
  • Nosebleed
  • Heart arrhythmia

It is possible that taking horny goat weed may even lead to more serious side effects such as heart attacks, strokes, and seizures in men that are taking certain types of medication or that have other pre-existing heart and blood pressure issues. It is not one of our panel of health and wellness experts recommended ingredients for products in this category.

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Prelox Quality of Ingredients

Prelox has a very short list of active ingredients. They only use four total ingredients in their proprietary blend, and only one of them is actually an additive that our team endorses for use in male enhancement products.

L-Arginine is a potent additive in male enhancement supplements because it is able to provide some beneficial effects for both circulation and testosterone function. Aspartic acid may also be somewhat useful for these purposes, however its effects tend not to be as strong as L-Arginine’s, as well as being somewhat redundant when the two aminos are taken together.

Pycnogenol may have some slight benefits when used in products of this nature, however in general it has neither the history of effectiveness nor the record of safety data that our team requires of products that they recommend to our readers. Our team will need to see more concrete laboratory data before they are able to change this recommendation.

Our team does not recommend icariin for use in male enhancement products, even though it may have some pro-erectile effects. There are many safer, more effective herbs and chemicals that are available that have similar positive effects without the potential side effect risks that icariin presents.

Overall, it is highly unlikely that Prelox will be able to have the type of effect on men’s sexual performance as they would prefer. Its benefits are mostly limited to pro-erectile effects, and even these may not be as potent as most men are looking for from their male enhancement supplements.

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The Price and Quality of Prelox

Prelox is widely available in storefronts in the United States and from multiple different distributors online. The price of Prelox can vary considerably, however in general users will find it being sold in the following price range:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of Prelox Natural Sex for Men tablets: $28.39-$52.00

There is also a subscription program that is available through the homepage of their manufacturer, Life Extension. This offers a lower per-bottle price for Prelox, however there are a number of caveats that interested customers should make sure that they understand before enrolling in the program.

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Business of Prelox

As mentioned above, the manufacturer of Prelox is a Florida-based company called Life Extension. They list the following contact information on their website:

Phone Number: (888) 895-4771

Address: 5990 North Federal Highway

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Email: Life Extension uses an electronic contact form system instead of providing a publically available e-mail address.

Interested users should be aware that there are a variety of other male enhancement products that also use the name Prelox. There is one that is produced by Herbalife and another by the Swiss company Horphag Research, however these are totally separate products that are not related to the supplement that is discussed in this review.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Prelox

Prelox has mediocre scores from past users on most of their third-party distributors’ websites. This includes a 3.1/5-star rating on, a 2.9/5 rating on, and a 3.7/5 rating on

These scores are lower than what our panel tends to prefer for products that they recommend, however these numbers are also compromised by the fact that the online review engine Fakespot has determined that up to 20% of their product reviews could be fakes that have been planted by Life Extension for the purpose of artificially driving up their scores.

This means that the average customer experience is probably much more negative than these numbers imply, and some of the specific comments that have been left by individual users reflects this. Here are some quotes taken from the accounts of past Prelox consumers about their experiences with the supplement:

“I bought this for my husband because he’s lost some of his rigidity over the last few years, but it didn’t really do anything for him. Currently looking at our other options.”


“Took the entire bottle and didn’t see a single positive side effect. I got dizzy a few times, but I never got hard.”

The issue that past customers complained about the most was general ineffectiveness. The types of side effects tended to be similar to the one above and were generally in keeping with the more mild effects that tend to be potentially associated with icariin consumption.

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  • Effectiveness68%3.4/5
  • Consumer reviews64%3.2/5
  • Quality of ingredients68%3.4/5
  • Cost76%3.8/5
  • Money Back74%3.7/5
  • Overall Rating70%3.5/5
Conclusion – Does Prelox Work?

There is very little reason to think that the four active ingredients that are included in Prelox’s proprietary blend will be able to be as powerful as the vast majority of effective male enhancement products. It uses fewer ingredients than most of the quality brands on the market do, and they are mostly not what our team considers to be high-quality ingredients.

There are many men that will not be benefitted by Prelox because they have erectile issues that stem from something other than poor circulation. Other individuals may see some slight gains to their rigidity, however the chances that they will get as much out of Prelox as they would a quality male enhancement product are very slim.

The product that our panel of experts has the most respect for in this crowded field is Viritenz. Out of all of the products that our team has examined, it is the one that they ranked highest in ingredients, customer satisfaction, and overall potency.

Their blend is particularly diverse, approaching male enhancement through a variety of different biological pathways so as to ensure optimal effectiveness. To read testimonials from former Viritenz users about their experiences, just click on this link.

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Top Rated Male Enhancement Supplement of 2024

  • Viritenz4.9/5 stars-icon
  • Effectiveness95%4.7/5
  • Consumer reviews93%4.5/5
  • Quality of ingredients96%4.7/5
  • Cost91%5/5
  • Money Back89%5/5
  • Overall Rating95%4.9/5

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