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PHGH Review: Is It Safe?

PHGH is a male enhancement product that is designed to help improve users’ sexual performance and, in particular, their penis size. They say that it works by improving circulation throughout the body, improving the size, hardness, and overall responsiveness of their penis.

PHGH’s website says that it was invented and endorsed by John Lawrence, who they claim was a former actor in pornographic films who has now become a nutrition, fitness, and sexuality specialist and lifestyle coach. His personal posts on the site claim that the product is used by both adult film stars and by ordinary men who are looking to boost their sexual satisfaction levels, as well as those of their partner.

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Who Makes It?

PHGH is the main product offering from Lawrence Supplements, a small subsidiary corporation of Altern Marketing, a notorious manufacturer in the health, wellness, and pharmaceuticals industry. Altern has had issues in the past regarding their trustworthiness, especially related to other discredited and discontinued male enhancement and weight loss products.

The online consumer protection group Trustwerty has rated PHGH with only ½ of a star (out of 5 possible stars), based on how reputable they think the company and their advertising claims are. They also have a “D” rating with Fakespot, who found that over 35% of PHGH’s advertising was considered “low quality,” meaning that it was probably placed by the organization themselves.

PHGH has received more one-star reviews on Amazon (their lowest possible rating) than all other ratings combined. Their customer feedback rating with the Better Business Bureau is 100% negative, meaning that the BBB has not received a single positive review from any of their past customers.

Lastly, and most strangely, there does not appear to be any person actually named “John Lawrence.” There are no records of him as a performer, researcher, or online presence in any way that is not directly promoting PHGH. Even the single photograph that they repeatedly use of him seems has been taken from a common stock images website.

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How (and) Does It Work?

PHGH heavily implies that they can give men permanent gains in penis size without actually stating this fact outright. Potential customers should note that there has never ben evidence of an herbal supplement that could increase raw penis size, let alone one with this ingredients blend.

There are no rare, unknown, or unusual ingredients for a male enhancement product in the contents for PHGH, nor do they use larger than average dosages or provide any information about how they believe that their product could be different from the hundreds of others on the market that have not been able to increase penis size.

Beyond that it is a simple circulation testosterone booster and circulatory aid. These are the two most common approaches to improving male sexual health and the combination of the two can be very effective for helping to maximize erectile potential of most men if done with the correct ingredients and dosage amounts.

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What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

PHGH uses a blend of ingredients that are fairly common to find in a male enhancement product, however their overall dosage amounts are shockingly low. Their proprietary blend contains only 510mg total for eleven listed active ingredients.

For comparison, there are hundreds of brands whose pills use more L-Arginine alone than all of the ingredients in PHGH put together. Six of those ingredients have 10mg or less in their blend, which is not enough for most of those additives to be able to have any kind of significant biological impact.

Most likely PHGH is doing what many other lesser quality male enhancement brands have do, which is to include just enough of an ingredient that you can advertise it in your promotional materials, but not so much that it makes your pills more expensive. The end results for these companies’ users is not as important to them as their ability to successfully market their product.

The ingredients listed on their website are:

L-Arginine: The lead ingredient and most plentiful chemical in PHGH’s blend. L-Arginine is an amino acid that can be highly effective when used in male enhancement products due to its combined ability to increase circulation and support HGH function, which is a precursor to testosterone production.

Tribulus Terrestris: Extracts taken from the fruit of the tackweed plant that have been shown to help increase the brain’s ability to process testosterone. Tribulus terrestris is highly effective when integrated as a part of a testosterone boosting supplement’s mixture that can help to maximize the impact of other ingredients.

Tongkat Ali: Another recommended ingredient for supplements oriented toward testosterone function. Tongkat ali is recommended by our team of experts, however in general they would suggest users to find a supplement that uses more than the 50mg found in PHGH.

L-Carnitine: Another amino acid like L-Arginine, except but far more commonly associated with nootropic and weight loss products than male enhancement supplements. L-Carnitine has been shown to have some minor benefits for circulation, and it may increase sperm quality somewhat.

DHEA: A precursor to testosterone that may help increase testosterone production overall. There is not enough DHEA in PHGH to be biologically significant.

There are less than 10mg of the following ingredients:

  • Catuaba bark
  • Epimedium (horny goat weed)
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Maca
  • Muira puama
  • Piperina

Most of these ingredients are highly recommended by our team of experts. The one major exception is horny goat weed, whose presence will generally stop our experts from recommending a product due to its side effect dangers. At only 10mg per serving, however, there is very little reason to think that it could have much of an effect at all.

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What’s Good About It?

PHGH uses quite a few ingredients in their proprietary blend that are among our experts’ most recommended additives for male enhancement products on the market today. L-Arginine, tribulus terrestris, tongkat ali, and many of their other herbs and amino acids are considered highly effective for circulation, testosterone function, and other key sexual performance factors.

What’s Bad About It?

PHGH uses only a 510mg proprietary blend that features meager amounts of many different ingredients instead of significant quantities of any one. If it has a beneficial effect for the user they are unlikely to be a particularly potent.

PHGH is also manufactured by a company that is not well regarded by most online review groups. The ratings from their past customers are very low, and there is no data from outside their own website that suggests that they could live up to their more bold product claims.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Wrap Up:

PHGH is a male enhancement product that makes very common claims about getting their customers to perform like adult film stars. Unfortunately, the adult film star that is supposedly behind PHGH does not seem to be a real person, nor do the claims that they make about their products seem to be particularly credible.

The ingredients that they use are generally thought to be of high quality, however they do not appear to be used in large enough quantities that they could have a particularly significant effect. They use the low-quality, potentially dangerous ingredient horny goat weed in their blend, but not in an amount that is big enough to harm most men.

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  • Effectiveness50%2.5/5
  • Consumer reviews46%2.3/5
  • Quality of ingredients50%2.5/5
  • Cost58%2.9/5
  • Money Back56%2.8/5
  • Overall Rating52%2.6/5
Bottom Line

All the outside sources that have covered PHGH – from blogs, to industry critics, watchdog organizations, and their past customers have had generally critical things to say about the product. Their manufacturer does not have a reputation that inspires confidence in the quality of the product, and their low strength ingredient blend is easily topped by most high-quality over the counter male enhancement supplements.

The male enhancement product that has been able to help the highest percentage of men according to our research is Viritenz. It uses many of the same ingredients as PHGH, however their blend utilizes them in much more useful quantities.

Their full blend is over 1400mg of the highest quality male enhancement additives on the market, including 400mg of tongkat ali and 250mg of maca. Click here to read the full review for Viritenz and to see their full supplement facts panel.


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