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Ogoplex Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

Ogoplex is a male enhancement supplement that is specifically designed to help men improve the quality of their orgasms and the volume of their ejaculations. It does this by providing several forms of prostate support, which helps to encourage the body’s natural seminal production abilities.

This may include benefits like increasing the quantity of semen that men produce, the density of the sperm in that semen, and the motility and longevity of those sperm. It may also involve increasing the intensity of men’s orgasms, making them more pleasurable, satisfying, and helping them eject their seminal fluid with more distance and velocity.

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Ogoplex Ingredients and Side Effects

Ogoplex uses a much smaller selection of ingredients than most male enhancement products, and they all tend to be related to prostate health rather than erectile function or testosterone support. The active ingredients listed in their proprietary blend are as follows:

Graminex G63 Flower Pollen Extract CardioAid Plant Phytosterol Complex
Saw Palmetto Berry Extract Tomato Extract

Graminex G63 Flower Pollen Extract: A branded supplement ingredient that combines extracts taken from several different breeds of flower. It was only recently trademarked and there are almost no independent studies regarding its effectiveness.

Graminex may potentially have some urological benefits, especially in terms of quantity of urine produced, however it has not adequately demonstrated any sort of sexual benefits. Flower pollens are also a common allergen, so users with specific types of sensitivities should use caution when taking products that contain Graminex.

CardioAid Plant Phytosterol Complex: Another branded combination of natural ingredients. CardioAid uses beta-sitosterol and other plant sterol esters to help improve men’s blood pressure and prostate health. They have very little potential as a sexual performance booster, however CardioAid may have some more general benefits for health and wellness overall.

Saw Palmetto Berry Extract: One of the more common natural prostate health supplement ingredients used worldwide. It may have some benefits for men’s seminal production, as well as some minimal uses for hormone regulation as well.

Tomato Extract: A carotene-based phytochemical that is responsible for giving tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables their bright red coloration. Lycopene may have some uses for helping to control prostate size, however it is not thought to boost seminal production or sexual performance in any significant way.

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Ogoplex Quality of Ingredients

It is possible that Ogoplex may have some benefits for prostate health, which may in turn help impact men’s ability to have pleasurable orgasms or to produce quality sperm. These effects will not tend to be as potent as taking a more complete prostrate health or male enhancement supplement would be.

Ogoplex does not have the ingredients profile that suggests that it will be able to provide very much support in terms of erectile function, libido levels, stamina, or any other sexual performance issues beyond those that are related to prostate function. This tends to be limited strictly to orgasm and seminal quality, however even in those specific categories Ogoplex is more limited than most of its competing brands.

Overall, our team saw very few effective applications for Ogoplex. It may be most beneficial as a secondary supplement to a more effective male enhancement product for users that can afford both.

The Price and Quality of Ogoplex

Ogoplex no longer seems to have an operational website for their product, however they are still sold through the website of their parent company Vianda Life, as well as through the sites of several independent distributors like or

It is possible that Ogoplex is sold in some physical locations as well, however that may not be an option for all interested consumers based on their region. The prices that are quoted for Ogoplex through the Vianda website are as follows:

  • 1, 30-count bottle (30-day supply) of Ogoplex herbal supplement: $44.95
  • 3, 30-count bottles (90-day supply) of Ogoplex herbal supplement: $99.00
  • 6, 30-count bottles (180-day supply) of Ogoplex herbal supplement: $159.00
  • 12, 30-count bottles (360-day supply) of Ogoplex herbal supplement: $229.00

These prices are slightly above average for an effective male enhancement product. The fact that Ogoplex mostly provides orgasm and prostate health benefits means that there are many men who may feel as though they also need to add a circulation or testosterone function booster as well, and using both products may be too expensive for many men.

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Business of Ogoplex

As mentioned earlier, the parent company of Ogoplex is the health and wellness products manufacturer Vianda Life Limited. While Vianda’s home offices are located officially in Malta, the contact details that are listed on the Vianda website are as follows:

Phone Number: (866) 834-1715

Address: 11260 Cornell Park Drive, Suite 706

Cincinnati, OH 45242

Email: [email protected]

Interested consumers should be aware that Vianda has a somewhat troubling past. They used to be known as Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals and were famous for producing a best-selling supplement called Enzyte,

There were a number of significant issues both with the formula for Enzyte, their marketing of it, and their manufacturing procedures in general, and so in 2005 112 different criminal charges were filed against Berkeley, leading to prison sentences for the CEO and other executives, as well as over $500 million dollars in penalties against the company.

They were then sold to another company, Pristine Bay, who has owned and operated the Vianda brand since. Pristine Bay has also had a number of legal issues as well, including a 2024 citation from the FDA that mentioned a wide variety of violations.

Those violations included issues with their production facilities, their storage and transportation practices, and the marketing and labeling of many of their products, Ogoplex included. In addition to these formal legal complaints, there are also hundreds of posts from former customers of Pristine Bay, Vianda, and their various holdings on sites like Ripoff Report that detail other issues such as unauthorized charges on users’ credit cards, poor customer service, and low-quality products.

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Customer Opinions of Ogoplex

As mentioned above, there are a number of complaints that can be found online regarding Ogoplex and their parent companies. These posts include the following quotations from former Ogoplex users that our research team found in various forums and blogs, as well as from the product reviews posted on their third-party distributors sites:

“I really did not like this product. Found it decreased my sensitivity, and didn’t give me nearly as many other benefits as my old brand.”

“You can buy all these ingredients alone for way cheaper, but who cares because they don’t even work. Should’ve read more about it before I bought so much of it.”

“Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think this stuff is doing anything. I’m certainly not going to try to reorder any.”

The complaints that our research team found regarding Ogoplex mostly seemed to be involving their overall ineffectiveness. Our team found very few instances of men complaining about side effects, however there were some accounts like the ones above about loss of sensitivity or sexual pleasure during intercourse.

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  • Effectiveness58%2.9/5
  • Consumer reviews54%2.7/5
  • Quality of ingredients58%2.9/5
  • Cost66%3.3/5
  • Money Back64%3.2/5
  • Overall Rating60%3/5
Conclusion – Does Ogoplex Work?

Our panel of health and wellness experts could not find any specific situations where they felt Ogoplex would be a consumer’s best option. If they are looking for prostate health specifically, then they should consider a product that is more dedicated directly to that application than Ogoplex is.

It is also not as effective a seminal production booster as most male enhancement products that provide effective testosterone support or that include other potent ingredients like maca root. It is especially ineffective for providing any sort of erectile or libido support, as its ingredients have shown almost no potential for helping these functions.

Overall, our team of health and wellness experts tend to recommend male enhancement products like Viritenz to help men that are looking for improved seminal production or orgasm health. It is a potent testosterone booster, which is related to both the quantity and quality of the semen that men create.

It also contains some non-hormonal semen boosters, as well as providing a variety of sexual performance aids in other categories as well. Click here to read testimonials from past Viritenz users about the ways that it affected the quality of their semen, orgasms, and overall sexual experience.

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