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MuscleTech Test HD Review: Is It Safe?

MuscleTech Test HD is a male enhancement product that is specifically formulated to provide a boost to testosterone function in its users. It is advertised as a workout product that can help users build muscle mass and strength while also burning fat at a faster rate than usual.

Its promotional materials also say that it has a number of sexual benefits for its users, including better quality erections and increases in sexual drive and stamina. They suggest it for use by men that are looking to restore lost vitality and virility, as well as athletes looking for an edge and anyone that is trying to take their sexual performance to the next level.

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Who Makes It?

MuscleTech Test HD is made by the workout supplements company MuscleTech. They are a subsidiary of Iovate Health sciences based in Canada, but they have offices in the US and abroad as well. Iovate themselves were just bought out by the Chinese multinational corporation Xiwang Foodstuffs Company Ltd.

MuscleTech themselves have been the subject of some controversy since their founding. They have run into a number of legal issues surrounding their products, including the 2024 lawsuit into the supplement Hydroxycut, which was found to cause liver damage, liver failure, and in one instance, death.

They were also cited by the FDA for their ingredients for Neurocore, a nootropic supplement that they were asked to reformulate due to health concerns. In 2024 a class-action lawsuit was filed against MuscleTech due to concerns over amino spiking in their supplements.

Amino spiking is a trick used by some companies who label their products as having more protein in their mix than they actually do. Many Iovate products were found to be guilty of this practice, and anyone who can prove that they purchased any of their products is currently entitled to their share of a multi-million-dollar settlement.

They are not well-reviewed by most outside agencies, including the online consumer rights group Fakespot who gave them an “F” grade overall. Their algorithm found that up to 90% of the positive reviews of MuscleTech Test HD were planted by the company itself.

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How (and) Does It Work?

MuscleTech Test HD is a daily nutritional supplement that claims to start increasing their users’ level of free testosterone within one week and to double it within two. Their website provides very little information about how they hope to accomplish this biologically, however testosterone supplementation in general is one of the more reliable methods of male enhancement.

Men with higher levels of testosterone have been shown to build lean muscle mass at a faster rate than men with lower T do, and they burn fat more rapidly as well. Testosterone also increases stamina for workouts and can also improve motivation and mood.

It is also a major factor in the sexual responsiveness cycle and contributes in every phase from arousal, to erection, to completion. Testosterone helps to improve seminal quality and orgasm intensity, and men with higher T tend to report greater levels of satisfaction with their sex lives.

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What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

Most intense workout supplements tend to have very long ingredients lists stuffed with herbs, amino acids, and other chemicals that are both proven helpful and potentially questionable for boosting testosterone. The ingredients list for MuscleTech Test HD is an exception to this rule in that it is not actually particularly long, however it does still contain a number of additives that have not been scientifically shown to be useful.

The ingredients listed on their website are:

Tribulus Terrestris: A fruit that is known to be extremely beneficial to the way that the brain reacts to testosterone. While tribulus does not increase T levels directly, it does increase the sensitivity of the brain’s androgen receptors, which are responsible for responding to T levels.

Shilajit: A type of rock that is mined in the Himalayan and Hindukush mountains that is thought to be high in certain minerals, particularly fulvic acid. There is very little reliable evidence about the effects of shilajit, however it is anecdotally said to have aphrodisiac properties. This belief is not well-supported through clinical data.

There are some concerns about taking shilajit supplements. It is possible that some men could experience dramatic fluctuations in blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which could lead to other health complications, especially in people with preexisting diabetes, heart, or blood pressure conditions. There have also been worries recently about impurities that are found in the rock due to harvesting practices and environmental contamination, which may include arsenic, mercury and other dangerous chemicals.

Boron Citrate: A basic element that may also have some uses for testosterone production. While it has not been shown to increase T-levels directly, it is one of the basic nutrients that is needed in order to manufacture testosterone and seminal fluid in the body.

Broccoli Powder: The dried, pulverized version of the common vegetable. While it is one of the healthier ingredients in MuscleTech Test HD, it is not generally associated with testosterone production or sexual performance.

Velvet Bean (Mucuna Pruriens): A legume that produces fuzzy beans that cause intense itching and irritation if they come in contact with the skin. Mucuna pruriens has shown some ability to improve seminal production in infertile men.

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What’s Good About It?

There is not much in MuscleTech Test HD’s ingredients blend or company history that is seen as a positive by our review team, however they did single out tribulus terrestris as an effective ingredient for testosterone and male enhancement supplements. It is especially useful when paired with other ingredients that raise raw testosterone numbers, as it helps make those hormones more potent and effective.

What’s Bad About It?

Beyond the use of tribulus, there is very little about the ingredients blend for MuscleTech Test HD that our reviewers liked. They do not combine the tribulus with other ingredients that would help maximize its impact, and the majority of their contents are close to useless for male enhancement purposes.

There are also serious concerns about MuscleTech as a corporation given their history of making products that have attracted lawsuits and FDA warnings. They have received particularly bad reviews from many online consumer advocacy groups, and the frequency of low-quality reviews makes it very hard to trust any of their more positive ratings.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Wrap Up:

MuscleTech Test HD is a workout and sexual performance boosting product that is geared toward increasing testosterone production levels in their customers. Their ingredients list features tribulus terrestris, one of our experts’ most recommended additives, and a variety of other lesser-used ingredients that are not considered as effective.

MuscleTech is not one of the more trusted companies in the industry, and our experts caution users that they should thoroughly research any product that they buy from this manufacturer. Customers are also encouraged not to put too much stock in supposed customer reviews given the high frequency of potentially fake testimonials.

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  • Effectiveness52%2.6/5
  • Consumer reviews48%2.4/5
  • Quality of ingredients52%2.6/5
  • Cost60%3/5
  • Money Back58%2.9/5
  • Overall Rating54%2.7/5
Bottom Line

MuscleTech Test HD is not considered an effective male enhancement product by our team of experts. They recommend products that use tribulus terrestris in general, however it is far more effective when paired with ingredients like tongkat ali or L-Arginine that have shown an ability to increase raw testosterone numbers.

Consumers should in general be wary about products produced by MuscleTech. They have received some positive attention for other products of theirs, but the frequency of their legal issues, combined with the death of a previous customer, should give potential customers pause.

The male enhancement product that our team of experts trusts the most is Viritenz. They have clearly shown their potency and effectiveness for restoring testosterone function in older men, while also helping other users reach new heights of performance.

Their ingredients blend is a selection of only the most powerful herbs and amino acids available without a prescription. Click here to see the complete list of additives that go into each dose of Viritenz.

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