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Max Grow Xtreme Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

Max Grow Xtreme is a male enhancement product that advertises itself as a sexual performance booster that may also be able to increase the size of their users’ penises. Their label lists other benefits like increased endurance, improved quality of orgasms, and heightened sexual pleasure in general.

They also say in their promotional materials that it may have several fitness-related benefits as well, including increased muscle size, athletic endurance, and overall energy levels. They recommend it to older men that are looking to restore previous levels of sexual performance, athletes and weight lifters that are attempting to reach new levels, and men in general that want to improve their sexual abilities and confidence.

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Max Grow Xtreme Ingredients and Side Effects

Max Grow Xtreme does not provide an official supplement facts list, nor any dosage information of any kind. Instead, they simply highlight some of the ingredients in their blend on one of their website’s subcategories. The additives they mention include:

Zinc Goat Weed Extract Tongkat Ali
Orchic Substance Boron Nettle Extract

Zinc: A mineral that is considered one of the body’s essential trace elements. Zinc is found in its highest concentrations in the body in the prostate, where it plays a valuable role in the production of semen. It’s overall abilities to directly boost erectile function and other more direct sexual functions, however, is somewhat limited.

Goat Weed Extract: An herb that is thought to have some stimulant qualities which may also lead to somewhat improved erectile function. Its reputation is somewhat exaggerated, however, and it has also been potentially related to several side effects that concern our team.

Tongkat Ali: A Malaysian shrub whose extracts are thought to have the potential to help boost men’s testosterone production.

Orchic Substance: A derivative taken from the testicles of bulls that is thought to have a pro-testosterone effect on its users.

Boron: Another essential trace element like zinc, however with somewhat more potential for male enhancement purposes based on its beneficial effects on testosterone function.

Nettle Extract: A plant with spiny leaves that can cause allergic reactions if handled improperly. Its extracts, however, have been shown to have a number of positive effects on blood flow and urogenital function in general.

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Max Grow Xtreme Quality of Ingredients

Max Grow Xtreme uses several ingredients that our team of experts believes could have a positive effect on men’s sexual performances. These include nettle, tongkat ali, boron, and orchic, all of which appear in many of the top brands of male enhancement products on the market today.

Unfortunately, Max Grow Xtreme also does not provide some key information about their product, such as how much of each ingredient is included, or if there are any other additives beyond these that are used in their blend. This makes it difficult to say overall exactly how effective that it can be, but it does provide a clue into how much confidence, or lack thereof, that their manufacturer has in their own blend.

They also claim to include goat weed extract – more notoriously listed as horny goat weed in some products – which is not a supplement that our team tends to recommend. It has been potentially linked to far too many possible side effects for our team to feel comfortable recommending it to our readers, especially without any dosage information about how much of the stimulant they may be consuming.

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The Price and Quality of Max Grow Xtreme

There are two distinctly different ways to purchase Max Grow Xtreme. One method is through, where users can buy it on a per-unit basis for the following rates:

  • 1 bottle (30-day supply) of Max Grow Xtreme Natural Male Enhancement Supplement: $32.97
  • 2 bottles (60-day supply) of Max Grow Xtreme Natural Male Enhancement Supplement: $62.65
  • 3 bottles (90-day supply) of Max Grow Xtreme Natural Male Enhancement Supplement: $89.02

These prices would be consistent with other male enhancement products that fall into the low to average price range. Without an accurate ingredients panel it is difficult to say if these prices are fair or not.

Max Grow Xtreme’s other pricing option, however, is far larger on a per unit basis – though many potential customers may not realize this. The official website for Max Grow Xtreme claims to offer a free trial of the product for users that give them their credit card data to pay for shipping and handling of the product.

What is not as visible on the site are the stipulations that come with the offer, which include enrolling the customer in a subscription program that charges their credit cards $89.41 every 30 days. The fact that this price is far higher than the rates that are being charged on other sites, coupled with how poorly listed the stipulations of the deal are, has caused many customers to claim that they felt intentionally misled by Max Grow Xtreme.

Business of Max Grow Xtreme

There is limited official information about the manufacturers of Max Grow Xtreme other than their basic name and contact information. Their name is Healthy Image USA, LLC and this is the contact information for them that our research team was able to find online:

Phone Number: (855) 228-0232

Address: 8 The Green, Ste. A

Dover, DE 19901

Email: [email protected]

Despite the lack of official information about Healthy Image USA, there are a variety of customer complaints and negative industry reviews about their business and their products. Many customers have reported that they felt cheated or intentionally misled by their free trial offer, and other complaints have included difficulty with customer service staff, especially regarding their attempts to receive refunds on their purchases or automatically shipped products.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of Max Grow Xtreme

Max Grow Xtreme has received 3/5 stars on Amazon from their past customers. This score is not particularly impressive on its own, however it is even less so after factoring in the findings of a report from the website Fakespot, which claims that 64.7% of the reviews on Amazon appeared to originate from sources potentially related to the manufacturers of the product themselves.

If accurate, this means that their actual average would be between one and two stars – one of the lowest possible marks for any product regardless of industry. These findings are backed up by the specific comments that have been made about Max Grow Xtreme on Amazon and other websites, which have included the following quotations:

“Doesn’t work. At all.”

“Used it for about a month so far and haven’t seen any results. This is not good, because I have four months’ worth of product left. Not a smart purchase.”

“Does not work as advertised. None of the benefits they said it would have.”

The two most common issues with Max Grow Xtreme that our research team found were complaints about their free trial offer and reports of product ineffectiveness. There were no serious side effects mentioned in any of the customer reviews that our team read.

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  • Effectiveness48%2.4/5
  • Consumer reviews44%2.2/5
  • Quality of ingredients48%2.4/5
  • Cost56%2.8/5
  • Money Back54%2.7/5
  • Overall Rating50%2.5/5
Conclusion – Does Max Grow Xtreme Work?

Without an official supplement panel it is impossible to positively recommend any health or wellness product, as it would not make sense for our team to encourage our readers to take a product if they did not know exactly what was in it.  Even beyond this, however, there are a number of other significant issues with Max Grow Xtreme that make our team reluctant to recommend it.

One of these issues is their inclusion of horny goat weed, which is a product that our experts do not tend to suggest to our readers, especially if they do not know how much of it they are taking. Our team is also concerned with some of the business and marketing choices made by Max Grow Xtreme’s manufacturers, especially their use of the “free trial offer” sales technique.

The male enhancement product that our panel tends to suggest most to men that are looking for a boost in sexual performance is Viritenz. It provides core nutritional support, testosterone function aids, and circulatory function boosters that can combine to dramatically improve men’s sexual performance.

Erectile functionality, seminal production, sex drive, and other key systems can benefit from the additives found in Viritenz, as can users’ athletic abilities and workout endurance. Follow this link to learn more about the multiple ways that Viritenz impacts their users’ body.

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