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GRockMe Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

GRockMe is a male enhancement product that claims to be able to provide pro-erectile effects within half an hour of the ingestion of their capsules. These effects may include harder, more responsive erections that last longer and recharge faster after orgasm.

Their promotional materials say that the benefits of GRockMe can last for up to three days, and may also have some aphrodisiac, pro-seminal, and energy boosting properties as well. They further claim that it is able to help men prevent premature ejaculation and extend the duration of their intercourse sessions, leading to more fulfilling experiences for both partners.

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GRockMe Ingredients and Side Effects

GRockMe uses a highly unusual combination of ingredients that are not typically found in products of this nature. They do not use any of our team’s top rated additives and instead feature a blend of herbs that are most popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

While TCM is an ancient practice that still has some adherents today, most of its beliefs have been widely discredited by modern science. Even still, the manufacturers of GRockMe have chosen to use substances that are mostly only popular in TCM such as:

Fructus Lycii Flos Caryophylli Radix Rehmanniae
Semen Ziziphi Spinosae Poria Rhizome Polygonatum

Fructus Lycii: A fruit that is more commonly known as goji berry in English speaking countries. Goji is a fad superfruit that is thought to have a number of benefits for the body, including boosting the immune system and improving energy levels, however there is very little concrete data linking it to improved sexual performance in men.

Flos Caryophylli: The dried flowers of the common clove plant. Cloves are used most commonly known for their pleasant aroma, and some claim that their flowers have aphrodisiac properties. The only use it has demonstrated clinically is as a preventative agent for premature ejaculation, however that tends to involve topical application instead of ingestion.

Radix Rehmanniae: Extracts taken from the roots of the rehmannia plant. There is no scientific evidence that suggests that rehmannia roots have any nutrients that can help male sexual performance.

Semen Ziziphi Spinosae: An herbal ingredient that is often referred to as zizyphus or jujube. There is no evidence that zizyphus can have any sexual benefits and it is used in general as a sedative or to induce hypnogogic states.

Poria: A type of fungus that has been used in TCM to treat anxiety, fatigue, and memory loss. It has not been associated with any aphrodisiac or erectile effects, either in TCM or any other school of medicine.

Rhizome Polygonatum: The roots of the plant that is most commonly referred to as King Solomon’s seal. Like all of the other ingredients listed above, it is extremely lacking in concrete data regarding its effects and safety. It is not thought of as having any use for products of this nature by our panel of experts.

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GRockMe Quality of Ingredients

Overall, there is very little data that suggests that the ingredients that are used in GRockMe could be able to help men’s sexual performance. They may be able to have some mild circulatory effects, however these seem to be far less potent than the circulatory effects of most quality male enhancement products, and they do not have any ingredients that are associated with improved testosterone production.

This severely limits the potential to have any sort of positive impact on their users’ sexual performance. Our team of experts generally prefer to recommend only products that use ingredients with well-established clinical histories of success. There are no guarantees that the formula for GRockMe will be safe for any given user, let alone effective.

The Price and Quality of GRockMe

GRockMe is sold through their own website exclusively. There do not seem to be any third-party distributors or physical locations that carry the supplement. Their website lists the following pricing options for interested consumers:

  • 1, 10-count bottle of GRockMe maximum strength male supplement capsules: $68.95
  • 2, 10-count bottles of GRockMe maximum strength male supplement capsules: $129.90
  • 3, 10-count bottles of GRockMe maximum strength male supplement capsules: $188.85

These prices are far above the average price for male enhancement supplements, surpassing even the cost of the more expensive single use products. It is possible that this is due to the fact that they use some less common ingredients, and that shipping many of them from China may be more expensive.

Even still, these prices are far above even other supplements that use more expensive imported ingredients. Even at its cheapest, users are still paying over six dollars per use, which can quickly become too expensive for most users, especially those that are engaging in regular sexual activity.

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Business of GRockMe

GRockMe appears to be an independent company with no affiliates or parent companies, however they do manufacture several products under the GRockMe brand, including testosterone boosters and sexual performance products for women. The contact information that they list on their website is as follows:

Phone Number: (855) 476-2563

Address: P.O. Box 72231

Marietta, GA 30007

Email: GRockMe does not provide an email address, nor do they seem to have any sort of electronic contact form, which is highly unusual in this day and age.

There is very little information that is publically available about the operations of GRockMe. They are not known by any major business registries or review groups and their reputation within the supplements review community is not a positive one.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of GRockMe

Since GRockMe does not use any third-party distributors for their products it can be difficult to find objective reviews of their product online. Our research team is very through, however, and they were able to uncover the following posts that have been made regarding GRockMe from their previous users:

“Bought three bottles of GRockMe but it didn’t work. After taking a full bottle and seeing absolutely zero results I tried to get a refund for at least the two unopened bottles. Their customer service reps kept lying to me and saying that a check was on the way, but I’ve yet to receive anything.”

“I got really sick after taking GRockMe, and when I went to check their label I had no idea what any of the things in it actually were. After researching them I still had no idea what I had such a bad reaction to.”

“Overpriced trash. Save your money and just buy your lady some jewelry or something; for the price I spent on it you could actually get her something pretty nice.”

There were quite a few different issues with GRockMe that were brought up by their former customers, as the above comments illustrate. Most commonly men’s problems with it were related to its ineffectiveness, however there were also quite a few complaints about their customer service, the price of the supplement, and several accounts of unpleasant side effects after taking GRockMe.

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  • Effectiveness40%2/5
  • Consumer reviews36%1.8/5
  • Quality of ingredients40%2/5
  • Cost48%2.4/5
  • Money Back46%2.3/5
  • Overall Rating42%2.1/5
Conclusion – Does GRockMe Work?

Our team of experts was not impressed by GRockMe in any way. They use an ingredients blend that lacks any proven effective ingredients, they are an unknown business to most review agencies, and they are far more expensive than the vast majority of male enhancement products on the market today.

In general, our team discourages our readers from consuming any product that does not have extensive safety data for their ingredients, especially for those products that are taken with any degree of regularity. There is no way of knowing how any given individual may react to GRockMe, either positively or negatively, however our team was not optimistic about its potential.

The single male enhancement product that our team recommends the highest is Viritenz. It is a daily nutritional supplement that helps encourage the body to perform at its optimal levels.

This includes maximizing erectile size and performance, improving libido levels, and helping men regain control over their orgasm function. To learn more about the ways that Viritenz can help you with your specific areas of interest, just follow this link.

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