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Fenotrex™ Review – Is Fenotrex™ a Smart Choice?

What is Fenotrex?

The new sleep aid Fenotrex has presented itself as one of the most effective sleep aids that is currently available online. The product is designed to allow users to develop and maintain a healthy sleep schedule that will in turn make them more productive throughout their day, and make it easier to fall and stay asleep throughout the night.

The product is sold in bottles containing 60 capsules and only requires that the user take one capsule prior to going to bed, meaning each bottle can potentially last up to two months. While from an outsider’s perspective it looks as though the product may be a useful treatment for sleeplessness, in this review we’ll delve deeper to test its true effectiveness. Fentorex can be purchased through its website here.

Who Makes it?

The makers of Fenotrex operate out of Los Angeles, CA under the name Health Research Institute.

They make and sell a variety of health and wellness products, including weight loss shakes, joint supplements, and more.

According to the Better Business Bureau and a variety of consumer testimonials, the reputation of the Health Research Institute is generally strong, as there have been no issues that we could locate with dissatisfied customers who felt that they were misled, over-charged, or treated poorly by customer service representatives. Additionally, their products are produced according to health and wellness standards that are set by the GMP, which should give potential customer peace of mind regarding their orders. If you’re interested in Fenotrex, then follow this link to learn more about how to purchase it today.

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How (and) Does it Work?

Users are supposed to take the capsule just once a day roughly 20 to 30 minutes prior to their bedtimes in order for it to work most effectively.

The product is designed to address sleep health from several different aspects, namely allowing the user to get to sleep in timely manner, making sure that they sleep throughout the night with no interruptions, and waking up without feeling groggy or still tired, but rather refreshed and ready to take on the day.

These three aspects of effectiveness are achieved by the well-rounded and potent formula that makes up the product. Supplements such as GABA and valerian root both function as sedatives on some level, reducing anxiety or stress that is plaguing the consumer’s brain and not allowing to relax. Furthermore, there are the more popular sleep aids such as Chamomile the produce chemicals to slow the brain’s thinking and making sure that it is not overwhelmed with trivial or nagging thoughts.

Beyond that melatonin is one of the most trusted ingredients in sleep aids because it helps the body to regulate a sleep schedule that and achieve restful sleep even for those who may work schedules that don’t allow them to commit to a certain time of sleep each day or night.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Within the product there is an assortment of natural minerals, herbs, and vitamins that have clearly defined roles in relation to how that perform within the sleep aid. Overall the formula is balanced and wide-ranging, as to assist as many different consumers as it can and does not produce any negative side effects that have been reported.


  • Inositol: Vitamin that can balance chemicals within the body to help control depression, panic, and insomnia
  • Valerian Root: An herb that is used to treat sleep disorders because of the sedative like effect it has on the brain and nervous system
  • Magnesium: An essential mineral for the body that has several different uses, including relaxing the nervous system, and therefore allowing users to relax.
  • Melatonin: A hormone that functions to regulate the body’s internal clock and recognize and establish healthy sleep cycles.

Potential Side Effects: None

What’s good about it?

The manufacturer behind the product offers a reasonable price as well as a 30-day money back guarantee, meaning that even if the consumer finds that the product is not for them, the money they spent will not just be a sunk cost. Additionally, the manufacturer provides clear contact details that means consumers with questions or concerns can receive an answer quickly from the team of customer support agents.

The product itself has garnered positive consumer reactions from those who have tried it, with many noting that they have no trouble falling and staying asleep, and find themselves waking up refreshed and ready to be productive. This is a nice change of pace from many other sleep aids that can be inconsistent and often lead to users waking up groggy and tired. Additionally, the taste of the product has been complimented as it is just one small tablet that is easy to swallow and doesn’t make users want to gag.

The price of the product is more than competitive with many other sleep aids that are currently being sold, and the 30-day money back guarantee provides users with peace of mind regarding their purchase, knowing that they are covered if it doesn’t live up to expectations for whatever reason.

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What’s bad about it?

Currently the product is only available online through the manufacturer’s website, and due to their popularity, they can often be out of stock. Therefore, if you want to try it, it is advised that you act quickly when you see that it is available.

Wrap Up

There are many different sleep aids that make the claim that they are the best and most effective product on the market, so consumers should be naturally wary of a product that makes any such claim. Usually when those products are evaluated closely there are many flaws that can be identified, including ingredients that can produce some negative side effects. That’s why in this case it is nice to see a sleep aid such as Fenotrex actually able to defend its claims of effectiveness using clinical data and a formula that is potent and effective.

The product of course uses several staples of effective sleep aids, like melatonin and chamomile, but it also includes less heralded ingredients like magnesium and inositol that function to address multiple different aspects of sleep issues. The point of the product is not just to put the user to sleep, but to also address the underlying issues that may be the root cause of their insomnia to begin with, such anxiety, stress, an unhealthy balance of chemicals within the body, and more.

Furthermore, the product is not addictive and is free of side effects, meaning that it can be used as often or as little as the user prefers, and over time it may help the body to regulate its own sleep patterns without the need of medication. Click here to find out how and where to purchase Fentronex.

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  1. Jack D. Williamson says:

    You report 60 capsules per bottle. Pictures show 30 capsules/pills per-bottle, Cost is at issue. Assuming one pill/capsule per day what is the usual estimated cost per month? How does this compare with campetition? What is the quantity needed for purchase to gain the “40% ” discount? Are there senior citizen discounts?

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