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ErecAid Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

ErecAid is a form of penis pump that is designed to help men overcome certain types of erectile difficulties. It uses a vacuum system that draws blood into the shaft of the penis, replicating the effects of the natural erectile process.

This can be helpful for men who have been unable to achieve the level of penile rigidity needed in order to effectively be able to use it for sex. Their advertising also claims that it can be used by men for non-medical purposes as well, helping users to achieve larger, harder erections without having to take drugs or supplements.

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ErecAid Ingredients and Side Effects

ErecAid is a penis pump system and not a nutritional product, and as such does not have any ingredients per se. Their product, however, is designed to be used in similar situations and to offer very similar results as a male enhancement supplement.

The manufacturers of ErecAid recommend it most to men that are suffering from certain types of erectile dysfunction that prevent them from being able to properly fill the erectile tissue of the penis to the point that it is rigid enough to be functional for sex. This may be the result of prostate swelling or a recent prostate surgery, psychological blockage, circulatory issues, or any number of other factors that can contribute to depressed erectile function.

ErecAid works by first fitting a plastic tube around the shaft of the penis and using rubber grips to create and airtight seal. The air in the tube is then pumped out, creating a vacuum. The pressure of this vacuum then draws blood toward the shaft, artificially helping to fill the capillaries of the corpora cavernosa to the point that a semi-functional erection may be achieved.

Even though penis pumps are not a drug or nutritional product, it is still possible for them to cause side effects in some users. The most common issue that men experience is pain or bruising as a result of the pressure or accidental misuse of the product.

In rarer cases, product failure during pumping has led to more serious injuries. It is also possible that prolonged use can have some physical consequences as well, such as loss of sensation or the formation of scar tissue.

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ErecAid Quality of Ingredients

While ErecAid and other penis pump systems may be able to mimic some of the effects of arousal, interested users should be aware that it does not actually engage the brain’s arousal functions directly. Because of this, there are a number of issues with the pump system that can come up for users, including the inability to maintain rigidity.

During the normal arousal process, the muscles at the base of the penis contact in such a way that blood is allowed to flow into the penis but is not allowed to flow out until intercourse has been completed. Given the artificial nature of the pump, these muscles are never engaged, and so the blood that has been drawn into the shaft immediately starts flowing back out.

This can make pump-induced erections difficult to maintain throughout sexual intercourse, and may require the usage of rings, rubber bands, or other restrictive devices in order to stay functional. Even with these devices in place, the erections that are achieved with penis pumps are rarely of the same quality as those that the body is able to induce when it is functioning properly.

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Regardless of how much a man pumps, it is difficult to ever completely fill the penis to the point of total rigidity. The types of erections that it helps induce are often described as spongy or squishy, and they tend to be more filled at the tip than at the base.

This can compromise functionality somewhat, as it can be difficult to get the resistance needed in order to achieve successful penetration. Pump-induced erections have also been described as lumpy and malformed, which, while not dangerous in any way, may look unsightly or feel strange to the user’s partner.

Social embarrassment is another factor that can get in the way of men’s usage of pump systems, especially given that they have to be used directly before intercourse in order to be at all effective. This can remove some of the spontaneity from sex and may not be ideal foreplay for some users and their partners.

Overall, penis pump systems are not thought to be an effective replacement for naturally induced erections except in times of extreme medical need. They are also not able to increase the overall size of men’s penises, as is sometimes rumored.

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The Price and Quality of ErecAid

ErecAid is sold in Canada and Australia through their own websites, however in the United States it seems they are primarily distributed through third-part medical supply companies such as Vitality Medical, Timm Medical Technologies, and St. Louis Medical Supply.

The prices for ErecAid can be very different based on where they are purchased from. The general price range for their basic model are as follows:

  • Osbon ErecAid Classic pump system: $189.00-$269.00

These prices are somewhat high when compared to other basic-style penis pumps. It may be possible that certain types of insurance programs may cover ErecAid, however it depends on your doctor, your condition, where you live, and the type of coverage that you have.

Business of ErecAid

The manufacturer of ErecAid is a company called Osbon Medical. They are online-based suppliers of medical equipment with offices in Canada and Australia. The contact information for their Canadian offices is as follows:

Phone Number: (604) 980-3815

Address: 124-340 Brooksbank Avenue

North Vancouver, BC V7J 2C1

Email: [email protected]

In the United States, ErecAid is sold exclusively through third party distributors. Because of this, there are very few US-based consumer protection groups that have established relationships with ErecAid or Osbon Medical Supply. As such, there is little publically available data available to help establish their reputability.

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Customer Opinions of ErecAid

The reviews of the ErecAid system describe a number of issues that men have had with the product. Here are some selections taken from the customer reviews sections of some of their third-party distributors’ websites:

“Cost twice as much as other pumps I was looking at, so I stupidly expected it to be better. Works exactly the same as the last pump I tried, which is to say not at all.”

“Hard to get together and falls apart during use. Didn’t have one single successful session.”

“Left my penis looking like it lost a boxing match. Sore for days. Not something that I would recommend men try on themselves.”

Issues that the reviews covered included product failure, criticisms of product design, overall cost, and lack of effectiveness. There were also a number of reviews like the one above that described bruising, painful experiences, and other physical side effects from the usage of ErecAid as well.

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  • Effectiveness70%3.5/5
  • Consumer reviews66%3.3/5
  • Quality of ingredients70%3.5/5
  • Cost78%3.9/5
  • Money Back76%3.8/5
  • Overall Rating72%3.6/5
Conclusion – Does ErecAid Work?

In general, our team does not suggest penis pumps as the first option for men that are experiencing erectile issues. The types of erections that they are able to induce are rarely comparable to the ones that are achieved through the normal arousal process.

It is possible that pump systems can be painful and even damaging to their users, and are not thought to be able to increase men’s penis size in any meaningful way. Overall, our team of experts suggest that users try exercise, diet, and an effective nutritional supplement before they attempt anything as extreme as using ErecAid or another penis pump system.

The supplement that our experts tend to suggest that men start with is Viritenz. It is a powerful blend of amino acids, herbal extracts, and other basic nutritional aids that work together to provide multiple forms of sexual performance support.

It can help men boost not only their erectile function, but also their libido levels, seminal production, and sexual stamina. Click here to find out more information about what makes Viritenz so effective.

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