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Elite Test 360 Review: Is It Safe?

Elite Test 360 is a male testosterone boosting supplement that its marketed as a workout product that also has sexual performance benefits for its users. It is useful for helping athletes build lean muscle, improve muscle repair time, and boost their overall strength levels.

Elite Test 360 also markets itself as an aphrodisiac and erectile aid that helps older users restore previous levels of sexual performance and helps younger users maximize their sexual potential. They say that it can increase libido levels, seminal density and volume, and improve sexual stamina.

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Who Makes It?

Elite Test 360 is both the name of the business and their lead product. They have several other affiliate brands including Ripped Muscle X and Apexatropin, and all of their brands have received similar criticism.

While Elite Test 360 is sold normally through their website, it is also marketed online using a “Free Trial Offer” system that has deceived many users, due mainly to the fact that it is rare that the supplement actually ends up being free for any given user.

The terms and conditions for the free trial offer are not made readily apparent, and many users do not even realize that they have signed up for an automatic renewal program that can charge as high as $89.00 per month. There are also other hidden charges and a cancellation fee associated with the program, which has led to dozens of complaints about Elite Test 360 with consumer advocacy sites like the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB gives Elite Test 360 a “D” rating, and they have less than a 2/5 customer feedback rating. It should also be noted that they have particularly low ratings with many of their online distributors as well, leading to some of them discontinuing their relationship with the company.

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How (and) Does It Work?

Elite Test 360 markets itself as a testosterone booster. All of their claims about improving athletic and sexual performance are mostly related to the increase of both testosterone levels and the brains sensitivity to that testosterone.

Testosterone is known as the male sex hormone and it’s responsible for a wide variety of functions in the body. Testosterone is responsible for helping initiate the male sexual response process, increasing the frequency and the intensity of sexual thoughts.

Men with higher testosterone levels are also more likely to act on those thoughts, and if they do they are more likely to achieve and maintain erections. Testosterone also helps men both avoid premature orgasm and have more intense, satisfying orgasms when they do happen.

It increases the volume of semen that is ejaculated during climax, and men with higher T levels also have shown a greater density of sperm in the seminal fluid. The sperm themselves are also longer lived and show greater mobility in men with more testosterone.

Athletically, testosterone is a key hormone for both burning fat and building muscle. It increases stamina and energy levels, as well as showing some benefits for mood and subjective well-being.

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What’s Inside of It and Are There Side Effects?

While Elite Test 360 says a lot about the beneficial effects that it can have on testosterone function, they do not say as much about how they hope to accomplish these goals. There is not a complete nutrition information panel or ingredients list anywhere on their website or in their advertising.

They do choose to highlight two ingredients in their products on their homepage, however it is not known what dosages these chemicals are in, if they are the only ingredients in Elite Test 360, or if they have other chemicals in their mix that are less beneficial or are associated with dangerous side effects for their users.

The ingredients that are highlighted on their website are:

L-Arginine: An amino acid that has multiple different benefits for men both sexually and athletically. It is a noted vasodilator that opens up the veins so that more blood can flow through the body in less time. This has remarkable benefits for erectile health, which requires healthy blood flow levels in order to function optimally.

It also encourages the release of human growth hormone, which is a precursor to testosterone production. L-Arginine has also demonstrated clear benefits for insulin function and blood sugar levels, making it one of our experts’ most recommended ingredients for male enhancement products found anywhere.

Tribulus Terrestris: An inedible fruit whose extracts have shown an ability to help the brain’s testosterone uptake. Tribulus terrestris, if ingested whole, can lead to collapsed lungs and death, which led to it being considered a dangerous nuisance for years.

Clinical testing has demonstrated, however, that it also contains several useful glycosides and steroidal saponins that can be extremely useful for how the body deals with testosterone. Tribulus increases the sensitivity of the androgen receptors in the brain, which are responsible for responding to testosterone levels.

This means that tribulus pairs very well with other ingredients like L-Arginine that increase overall testosterone levels. This has led to tribulus becoming one of the most popular and effective ingredients in both workout and sexual performance products. It is recommended very highly by our research team.

Creatine: A chemical that is naturally produced in the body that is useful for athletic performance. It is present in the body’s muscles and is thought to encourage their cellular reproduction.

It is also useful for increasing users’ energy levels, anaerobic running capacity, and blood sugar levels. Creatine has not been shown to have any kind of benefits for sexual performance, though there are some studies that have claimed it may have very minor benefits for testosterone production.

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What’s Good About It?

L-Arginine and tribulus terrestris are two of the most effective male enhancement ingredients that are available without a prescription. They function especially well together, as L-Arginine increases users’ testosterone levels, and tribulus maximizes the body’s ability to utilize it.

What’s Bad About It?

It is not a good sign that Elite Test 360 is unwilling to publish their full nutrition information panel. This not only means that they lack confidence in their own ingredients blend, but also that customers do not know if they are purchasing a product that contains harmful or ineffective chemicals.

There is an unfortunate number of low-quality additives that disreputable companies use in their products that can show some short-term benefits but that are ultimately risky in the long term. Taking supplements with unknown ingredients also opens up the possibility for hazardous medicinal interactions, allergic reactions, and other negative consequences.

Elite Test 360 also has a bad reputation online with many of their previous customers. It is not a positive sign that they resorted to the “Free Trial Offer” as a method for distributing their products, as that also shows a general lack of faith in their own product. Their poor ratings with the BBB and on the sites that distribute their products also do not paint a very positive picture of either the business or the products of Elite Test 360.

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Wrap Up:

Elite Test 360 is a male enhancement supplement that is focused on boosting testosterone function in its users. They utilize L-Arginine and tribulus terrestris in their mix, which are two of the most effective ingredients on the market for these purposes.

Unfortunately, they also may use other ingredients that they are unwilling to disclose. This is a bad sign because it raises the question about what unhealthy or ineffective additives may or may not be included in their blend.

Elite Test 360 has been involved in some unethical marketing promotions in the past, and they have a negative reputation both with their previous customers and within the supplements industry itself. Users are strongly encouraged to read the terms and conditions for any “Free Trial Offer” that they are interested in signing up for online.

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  • Effectiveness62%3.1/5
  • Consumer reviews58%2.9/5
  • Quality of ingredients62%3.1/5
  • Cost70%3.5/5
  • Money Back68%3.4/5
  • Overall Rating64%3.2/5
Bottom Line

Elite Test 360 has not demonstrated that they are an ethical company or a trustworthy product. While L-Arginine and tribulus terrestris are two of the most effective ingredients for male enhancement products on the market today, without a full list of the contents and dosage amounts for the supplement it is not known how much of those chemicals are actually used, or what other types of additives they may be paired with.

It is easy enough to find male enhancement supplements that use L-Arginine and tribulus terrestris that do choose to publish their dosage information and full ingredients panel. It is also easy to find them being sold by companies that have much better reputations for honesty and quality than Elite Test 360, who is considered substandard in both respects.

The L-Arginine and tribulus-based supplement that has received the most positive attention online is Viritenz. Their manufacturer has an excellent reputation both in the industry and with their former customers, and our research team has positively reviewed their other products in the past.

Viritenz’s blend also features other testosterone boosters such as tongkat ali, as well as potent aphrodisiacs like maca root. Click here to see the full nutrition information and supplement facts for Viritenz.

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