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Burn HD (Dietspotlight Burn) Review (UPDATED 2024): Is It Safe?

What is Dietspotlight Burn (Burn HD)?

Dietspotlight Burn or (Burn HD) is a weight loss pill made to provide safe and effective results with a blend of scientifically researched ingredients. It includes 4 active ingredients and each bottle has a total 30 day supply.

They mention that it works for both men and women, and that while no special diet is required, there are some lifestyle changes they recommend one adopts. This includes getting rid of junk food, sugary drinks, eating a whole food diets, and drinking 8 glasses of water daily.

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Who makes it?

The official company website offers their phone number, hours of operation, an email, and a contact form for direct messages. They fail to list their company name however.
It’s known that the company makes another brand with the exact same formula and dosage strength for unknown reasons. The only rational explanation as to why they essentially rebranded their supplement is because of numerous customer complaints against the company in the past.

Their company name is Green Bracket, LLC and they are based out of Florida. On their Better Business Bureau page they have a grand total of 101 complaints and 12 negative reviews currently. Customers often complained about:

  • Billing issues.
  • Sales and advertising problems.
  • Lack of proper service and product complications.

Often people complained of being placed on an automatic month to moth shipment plan without due notice. It was also troublesome because when they called to cancel, they often said they were unable to cancel and that the customer service people were difficult to deal with, often spending a lot of time debating their ability to get their money back.

A common critique was that they never knew an auto-shipment plan was in place when they sought out the free trial program.

After analyzing many of these complaints it’s clear that people felt the company was not being upfront about their policies, and that customers lost out on a lot of money unknowingly. Some even declared that the company is operating a scam.

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How (and) does it work?

The company mentions in their FAQ section exactly what one can expect and how it works. They do say it was formulated after studying many other brands and deciding that a better solution could work.

It intends to raise metabolism to increase calorie burning, support fast acting fat loss, prevent a plateau in weight loss so one can continue to lose weight, and also aid the stabilization of blood sugar.

Their how it works section reveals that it has thermogenic and lipolysis-inducing or fat loss promoting agents. This can then target any stored fat and improve metabolism. So essentially the added caffeine is meant to help increase metabolism, which is possible, but only in the short term as has noted:

“Habitual… use leads to tolerance…. dulls several of caffeine’s effects”

They also say one should discontinue use for a month or so to help reduce tolerance.

Another ingredient is green tea extract which contains EGCG. While this is also meant to help with fat burning, has also reviewed this and found that fat burning is:

“dependent on being caffeine naïve”

Also included is the mineral blend ChromeMate, which combines chromium and niacin. This is made to help with blood sugar, cholesterol, and weight loss. While healthy, these two minerals are commonly found in food.

Reviews have been mixed with some saying they did like the energy boost and that they felt stimulated, and some who added their appetite didn’t change; results were minimal or not long lasting. This may be due to the reliance on caffeine which for some can have fat burning effects, but which can also be replaced by things like coffee and tea.

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What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

Their full ingredients list and dosage strength is made clear as they provide a supplements facts label on their website. They also provide an effective explanation to each ingredient.

The full ingredients featured are:

  • Green Tea Extract (Standardized to 70% Epigallocatechin Gallate), a specially formulated form of common green tea which is used to help with fat loss. Studies show users must not have a tolerance to caffeine in order for it to provide weight loss benefits.
  • Meratrim (proprietary blend of Sphaeranthus Indicus Flower, Garcinia Mangostana Fruit Rind, a patented blend of herbs which are made to help prevent the multiplication of fat cells and herb burn fat. While some clinical studies have showcased this effect, strangely enough neither on its own has been proven to effect weight loss, so it’s unknown why it has been mixed together for effect.
  • ChromeMate, chromium and niacin mixed together which is used to help stabilize blood sugar and support fat loss. It is created by a company known as InterHealth.
  • Natural Caffeine USP, a specially formulated kind of caffeine which is pharmaceutical grade and likely to be contaminant free. There is a total of 75 mg per serving, which when at the advised dosage strength provides 150 mg or roughly the same amount in a cup of coffee. This must be used sparingly as a tolerance to caffeine can build which can reduce its positive effects.

This can help increase energy, raise metabolism, increase focus, and improve athletic function when used responsibly. It’s not advised to take it too late in the day as sleep related complications may occur.

While there are some potentially helpful ingredients, you may also have to be careful of when you take this as there may be a potential for side effects. The majority of ingredients can simply be replaced with a whole foods diet and a cup of green tea as well. Read about what the mot functional supplements are for natural weight loss support by reading about the top 10 weight loss pills.

What’s good about it?

Only natural ingredients are used in this formula and the company is very upfront about the intended science behind this, as well as the full dosage strength. Direct sales are also offered from their official website.

What’s bad about it?

Not all users will be able to benefit from this and it likely will require cycling in order for the effects to remain. Caffeine can provide some weight loss effects but it’s also easily replaceable and it cannot sustain weight loss support. Another ingredient is the blend of minerals can also be found naturally in whole foods.

This then leaves Meratrim which though it has some studies to support its use, these clinical reviews had people on a calorie restricted diet with exercise 5 days a week. They were also only performed for an 8 week period, which means it has yet to be proven effective for long term use. Most of the weight loss may have come due to the added caffeine and it’s impossible to verify otherwise until more is published.

Furthermore the creators have reformulated this simply by changing the name of a previous product with the exact same formula. This may be due to the numerous complaints about auto-billing.
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Wrap Up:

This brand is supported by a sleek website and a lot of details about its use. While it has studied ingredients, much of the effects are likely only possible due to the caffeine, which can be substituted elsewhere for cheaper. The added Meratrim is touted as a patented weight loss ingredient but there has to be more long term studies to verify whether or not it is actually beneficial.

It’s also a major concern when you look at the company history of which many users have said they charged customers automatically without due notice.
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  • Effectiveness60%3/5
  • Consumer reviews56%2.8/5
  • Quality of ingredients60%3/5
  • Cost68%3.4/5
  • Money Back66%3.3/5
  • Overall Rating62%3.1/5
Bottom Line:

Dietspotlight Burn (Burn HD) is simply too one dimensional and most of it can be found naturally in cheaper food sources. Relying heavily caffeine for weight loss is also not going to be a long-term solution as tolerance can build.

In examining many brands for weight loss the one which was far and above the rest in terms of results was Sletrokor. This supplement has a blend of plant extracts which have been 3rd party reviewed for their potent results. It’s also intended to help aid many aspects of weight loss and it’s free of any cheap stimulants or artificial additives.

This supplement is also backed by glowing reviews and testimonials. Gain access to the top ranking supplement Sletrokor when you click on this link.

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  1. Philip Bradley says:

    Beware of the auto charges. They claim to offer a free 15 day trial, but they run their clock from when you place the order even though you don’t receive the product for a week. By the time you have received it and tried it for 15 days, they have already charged your card and sent you more. If you call to complain, their slick salesmen tell you that you agreed to this. When you point out the obvious problem with the free trial and timeframes, they tell you that you agreed to this. They stand behind their contract, not their product.

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