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Cho-Yung Weight Loss Tea reviews: Is it safe? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 3.0/5

Cho-Yung Weight Loss Tea reviews: Is it safe?
What is Cho-Yung Weight Loss Tea?

Cho-Yung’s Weight Loss Tea is a weight loss product that comes in the form of a green tea to be consumed twice daily. Created by the Cho-Yung Company, the tea is alleged to have a synergistic effect on your body and contain several ingredients that are designed to work in harmony to result in healthy weight loss. Cho-Yung claims that their tea is capable of improving the functions of your digestive system to block your body from absorbing excess fat and cleanse you of your cravings for unhealthy junk food

Lipo Tea Reviews: Is Lipo Tea Safe To Use? Learn More

Customer Health Rating: 2.4/5

Lipo Tea Reviews: Is Lipo Tea Safe To Use?
What is Lipo Tea?

Inside this bottle rests a weight loss formula that claims to have all natural ingredients sourced from tea. The formula has 4 varietals of tea that can increase energy and aid in appetite suppression.

It is marketed towards both men and women and it claims to give the dream body you always dreamed of. Seems like a good deal but what does the evidence have to say? In order to solve this answer we’ve collected all the important information for you to decide.

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