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ASOX9 Review (UPDATED 2024): Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

What is it?

ASOX9 is a male lifestyle enhancement supplement that is formulated to help provide increases in men’s sexual potency and athletic ability. Its advertising claims that it can help increase users’ testosterone production, which can have effects like heightening libido, improving the quality of men’s sperm, and helping them build muscles during exercise.

It may also have applications for helping consumers to improve their erectile functionality by boosting their circulatory rates, a key factor in the erectile process. They claim to be able to increase both the width of men’s veins and the frequency with which their hearts beat – two separate but potentially effective approaches to helping achieve maximum erectile filling.

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ASOX9 Ingredients and Side Effects

For the most part, the ingredients that ASOX9 uses in their ingredients blend are considered to be high quality for male enhancement purposes. The top ingredients in their proprietary blend are as follows:

Tongkat Ali Maca
L-Arginine Ginseng Blend

Tongkat Ali: A shrub that is typically found growing in Malaysia and southeastern Asia. It resembles a tall, slender tree and its roots are thought to contain potent extracts that can help men to improve their erectile abilities, energy levels, and overall testosterone function.

Maca: A Peruvian root vegetable that has become globally popular in recent years based on its many beneficial effects for both men and women. In terms of men’s sexual performance, maca is known as an aphrodisiac that also has applications for improving their seminal output.

L-Arginine: An amino acid that is multi-functional when used in a male enhancement supplement, making it one of the most popular ingredients that are legally available. It has applications for improving circulation, blood pressure, blood sugar, and testosterone production levels, and tends to be very well tolerated by almost all users.

Ginseng Blend: A combination of panax ginseng and Eleutherococcus herbs. Panax is what is known as a “true” ginseng, however eleutherococcus is merely an herb with similar effects. They have both been shown to be mild stimulants that are capable of helping men to achieve harder erections and may also have some applications for boosting libido and energy levels as well.

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ASOX9 Quality of Ingredients

The ingredients that ASOX9 are all thought to be high-quality additives for male enhancement products. They are capable of providing a number of different potential methods of sexual performance improvement and can be found in many of the top products in this category.

L-Arginine is capable of improving the dilation of the body’s circulatory pathways which allows for more blood flow at any given time, while ginseng and maca can help to improve the amount of blood that the heart can pump. This combination is one of the more effective approaches to male enhancement.

L-Arginine and tongkat ali can also both provide testosterone support for men, which is important for the entire sexual response process from arousal to completion. It can help raise libido levels, improve erectile function, and increase the intensity of men’s orgasms, as well as their abilities to control when they occur.

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The Price and Quality of ASOX9

At this point in time it seems that ASOX9 is only available through their own home page. It used to be sold by Amazon and other third party distributors as well, however it appears that all of those distributors have ended their relationships with ASOX9.

There is no reason provided by either ASOX9 or any of their former retailers for why this is. The prices that are currently being quoted for ASOX9 are as follows:

  • 1, 60-count bottle (30-day supply) of ASOX9 male lifestyle dietary supplements: $38.97
  • 2, 60-count bottles (60-day supply) of ASOX9 male lifestyle dietary supplements: $66.25
  • 3, 60-count bottles (90-day supply) of ASOX9 male lifestyle dietary supplements: $87.74

These prices are about what the average consumer should expect to pay for a moderately effective male enhancement supplement. Given their ingredients blend this would seem to be a fair price, however when the low ratings and negative customer response is factored in, then it may in fact be over-priced.

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Business of ASOX9

ASOX9 does not list any parent company or affiliates, however that does not necessarily prove that they are an independent entity. The contact information that they list for themselves is as follows:

Phone Number: (888) 431-5554

Address: 8152 S. Welby Park Dr. Suite A

West Jordan, UT 84088

Email: [email protected]

There is a Better Business Bureau page for ASOX9, however it lists entirely different contact details for the company. They mention that ASOX9 has been in business for only two years, however they already have a 100% negative customer feedback rating with the BBB.

They also have received zero out of five stars from the online review group Trustwerty and an F grade from Fakespot. These ratings are far below the marks that our panel of experts finds acceptable for products of this nature.

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EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved male supplements to make a right purchase decision!
Customer Opinions of ASOX9

One of Fakespot’s findings about ASOX9 was that over 70% of their customer reviews were planted by the company themselves in an attempt to make it seem as though it has a better reputation with its former customers than it actually does. This number may seem high, however the Amazon page for ASOX9 shows 78% 5-star reviews and 21% one star reviews, which is a highly unusual distribution and supports the idea that many of these reviews are inauthentic.

One of the reasons that the reviews are so questionable is the repetition of some of the language, with reviews such as this appearing multiple times with the exact same wording:

“Since taking this product my energy level has been amazing. I used to have to take a nap halfway through the day, but now I’m on go all day and evening.”

The one-star reviews, however, tend to be much more unique and authentic. Here are some of the more reliable comments about ASOX9 that our team found:

“This stuff is straight garbage. The pills looked very low-quality and they smelled and tasted terrible going down. Made my stomach upset but never delivered any results.”

“Finished the entire bottle, taking it just like they said, but it never did anything for me. Just another company that’s trying to scam you out of your hard-earned money. SAD!”

Men generally complained that ASOX9 was ineffective, however some mentioned side effects as well. As seen in the quotation above, there were also a number of complaints about the pills themselves. While this is not generally a significant issue to our reviewers, the frequency with which this came up made it more of a concern to them.

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  • Effectiveness46%2.3/5
  • Consumer reviews42%2.1/5
  • Quality of ingredients46%2.3/5
  • Cost54%2.7/5
  • Money Back52%2.6/5
  • Overall Rating48%2.4/5
Conclusion – Does ASOX9 Work?

ASOX9 lists quality ingredients for their product, however the responses from their users has not been as favorable as one would expect given their blend. After the fake reviews placed by the company are filtered out, the overall rating of ASOX9 is very poor – which may be one of the reasons that they have been dropped by their retail affiliates.

They have also received very poor marks both from supplement review sites and from business review sites, which leads our team to question how trustworthy ASOX9 and their products are. There are other products that use the ingredients that are found in ASOX9 but that do not have the questionable history that surrounds their business, and our team encourages our readers to seek out those products instead.

The most prominent brand that they recommend is called Viritenz. It is one of the most potent over the counter male enhancement supplements that they have ever analyzed.

It features all of the ingredients that were mentioned above, however it also has received excellent feedback from their former users, as well as getting incredibly high marks from the nutrition and supplements community in general. For more information about Viritenz’s blend, their manufacturers, and how it can affect its consumers, just follow this link.

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