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Popular Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone is known to naturally degrade over time, with men in their 30’s noticing an increased reduction which will only continue.

Solutions are available however which can help to keep testosterone stable.

Some common approaches which can help maintain testosterone include natural herbs, minerals, therapy, and even lifestyle changes.

This hormone is especially important for:


  • Healthy libido and sexual health.
  • Improved ability to recover from exercise.
  • Healthy mood and enhanced energy levels.

Ingredients which can deliver improvements towards testosterone include:

  • Zinc: This essential mineral is found in many foods, most notably in its highest amounts inside oyster extract. It is vital for cellular health, and it is necessary in order to prevent low levels of testosterone. Studies have shown it may be important for regulating the health of cells within the testes.
  • Ginseng: A species of different herbs which is used for various reasons including improved immune function and testosterone production. Since there are many kinds of varieties, it’s best to use a combination of different species.
  • Boron: Trace mineral which improves bone density while also helping keep hormones regulated. As people get older boron levels need to be increased, with a common dosage of around 20 mg a day for older men. This is essential for the health of humans.
  • Nettle: Natural plant which can help provide urinary tract support, it also has around 50 compounds, and 6 which can help stop what are known as isolectins. This blockage can result in balanced testosterone levels which do not degrade.
  • Pumpkin Seed Powder: Rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, this natural food is particularly high in fatty acids, magnesium, and fiber which is good for raising testosterone. The intended benefit is to help stop the transformation of testosterone into what is known as DHT or dihydrotestosterone.

When testosterone levels are low, the excess DHT can lead to balding, an enlarged prostate, and a higher risk of prostate cancer.

Another common testosterone boosting strategy is what is known as TRT/ART, or testosterone replacement therapy/androgen replacement therapy. This is a far more invasive process which has to be taken under the recommendation and close watch of a physician.

Not everyone can qualify for this treatment, and there are still ongoing trials determined to find a better solution. This is because the risk for serious side effects can be extremely dangerous to once healthy people.

The FDA has also enforced companies offering this treatment to mention how there is a risk of sudden stroke or heart attack. They also said that the benefits of such treatment have yet to be fully proven for those with low testosterone. The possibility of death has also been an issue, since in 2019 there was a major rise in serious side effects mentioned by users.

The Best Testosterone Boosting Solution

It’s best to seek a maximized and well-rounded testosterone boosting brand which has only natural ingredients that can deliver optimized results without the fear of major side effects.

Therapy and prescriptions can deliver effects, but they also have serious potential risks.

The solution which has been shown the best effects featuring all the above mentioned natural ingredients is Viritenz. It is comprised of additional ingredients which can help stimulate improved blood flow, libido, and overall male vitality and sexual health.

You can read great testimonials from people who noticed great changes attributed to stable levels of testosterone. Men were able to not just satisfy their partners, but they also had greater energy levels and an improved mood. For information about Viritenz and to learn about what it can do for maximized testosterone, follow this link.

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