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Most Common Mistakes when Choosing a Male Enhancement Product

When considering solutions for male enhancement it’s especially important to seek support from a well-rounded brand. It’s not uncommon for customers to be confused about whether or not the option they’re examining would be good for them.

This is because advertising and marketing will often make a product seem like it’s the best of its kind. Fortunately there are proven ways to help determine if what you’re looking to purchase is of a high quality.

Is it made with quality ingredients?

It’s best to avoid typically used but controversial additives such as:

  • Caffeine: Questionable due to its need to be cycled, potential side effects, and unproven erectile dysfunction treatment claims.
  • Yohimbe: While it can help stimulate blood flow, the potential side effects are far too risky to consider it for common use. Reports are available which show once healthy people suffering from cardiac arrest, stroke, and many other difficult side effects.
  • Epimedium/ Horny Goat Weed: Common to many male enhancement supplements, this has been touted for its effects on libido and impotence. Studies are not yet fully comprehensive enough to prove its worth, but there have been multiple associated side effects.
  • Prescriptions: They can help promote better blood flow, but that’s all they can offer. Due to the high risk of serious side effects and lack of functionality, this may not be the best option.
Can you rely on its effects?

Any brand claiming to help extend the size of the penis is not being upfront about their product. No pill can add extra inches to a penis, but it may help produce rigid long lasting erections. Legally the advertising for both prescriptions and supplements cannot exaggerate by making this effect.

Another thing to consider is whether or not it needs to be cycled, and how long it needs to be taken. Cycling is often an issue with stimulants, as they can build a tolerance which reduces overall effects over time. This means you cannot rely on this as a long term solution.

Certain brands will claim you need weeks or months for the full effects to begin. The problem with month long products is that if there is a short money back guarantee window, one may have to keep spending money which makes it impossible to be backed by a return policy.

Realistic expectations

As mentioned you cannot extend your penis size longer than the size it would normally be during an erection, but you can improve the ability to satisfy your partner as well as enjoy longer lasting and better sex.

Even penis pumps which are often advertised as ways to add extra inches will mention it can add inches to a flaccid penis, not to an erect one. Penis pumps also have the issue of being troublesome to use, and they’re frequently reviewed as being clunky while reducing intimacy for both parties involved.

Not selecting a well-rounded brand

There are products which are made only to aid a few aspects of male sexual health. Some do not state they’re good at supporting testosterone, blood flow for stronger erections, endurance, delayed orgasm, prevention of sexual anxiety, and providing one with the tools to satisfy their partners.

One well-rounded solution which contains a rich blend of 3rd party reviewed ingredients was the most highly rated supplement Viritenz. It not only has a mixture of wholesome additives which can work to deliver all-around support, but users have said they were able to perform as a man as if they were in their 20’s. Read testimonials and gain insights into Viritenz by clicking on this link.

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