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Policies and Procedures for Editorial Content

It is the intention of this website to bring our readers accurate, timely news and updates about products and developments in the health, wellness, and nutrition fields. We strive to produce content that is objective, accurate, and relevant to the interests and needs of our readers.

Our website covers a wide range of subjects regarding all aspects of personal health and wellbeing and is designed to provide users with the specific types of information that they need. In order to provide the most helpful and engaging content to our readers we are required to filter the types of information that we present and how it is presented.

It is the responsibility of the reader to decide which information is most relevant and helpful for their own personal health needs. We strive to present accurate information at all times, however this information is meant to be used as a supplement to the professional advice of an accredited doctor or medical care provider. It is always wise to discuss any questions or concerns about what that you read with a trained professional.

Customer Health Guide Uses the Following Criteria for All Original Content:

  • Relevance: We post articles and information about topics that we believe can have a positive impact on the health and wellness of our readers and their communities. These may be related to topics and subject matter such as health advisories, commentary from industry professionals, and current events related scientific developments, new products and services, and other advancements within the health, wellness, and medical fields.
  • Clinical Significance: We publish only information taken from well-respected medical sites and journals. All information contained on this site is accurate and relevant to the best of our knowledge.
  • Trending Topics: We may publish timely content related to seasonal safety tips, allergy warnings, avoiding colds and flu, etc. This may potentially be related to broader public health events and related topics such as Healthy Heart Month, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and other holidays, celebrations, and annual events.

Our Content is Unique

Our team strives to produce high quality content that is timely, topical, and accurate. There is a frustrating amount of low-quality and outdated information online, and it is the intention of the staff at Customer Health Guide to produce unique work based on the most contemporary data that is available, discussions with medical professionals and researchers, and other objective sources.

  • Editorial Integrity: We have a responsibility to produce content that is distinct, informational, and unique. This includes all forms of news articles, feature stories, reference articles, and reviews.
  • Editorial Independence: Our writers seek to be accurate at all times in their writing, as well as to be as fair and objective as is humanly possible. We view ourselves as having a duty to produce responsible content that can be helpful to people’s health, wellness, and happiness.

Policies and Procedures of Customer Health Guide’s Editorial Staff

Customer Health Guide provides independently produced media content in the form of news, product reviews, and informational materials for both ordinary consumers and professionals in the health, wellness, medical, supplements, and nutrition fields alike.

We do not accept direction, advice, or influence over our content from any affiliates, sponsors, or other outside influences. All members of our editorial staff are required to disclose any and all financial interests that they may have in any related fields, including any medical or health care providers, drug manufacturers or distributors, biotechnology, or any other company that affects or is affected by the health care industry.

Our supervisors and hiring officers exercise sole discretion over who they hire, promote, and include on their editorial staff. They also are responsible for deciding which potential conflicts they deem acceptable and which ones they feel need to be resolved before the hiring or promotions process is completed.

Our editorial staff is a distinct entity that is not related to or influenced in any way by our staff that is responsible for dealing with any sponsors, advertisers, or partners. All staff members are tasked with the responsibility of creating content that is accurate, honest, balanced, and as objective as possible.

Whenever possible, our team seeks to have their information corroborated by qualified professionals and industry spokespeople. This is done to ensure that we are acting in an ethical, responsible, and trustworthy manner at all times.

Production of News Articles and Original Content

Our editorial staff and writing team constantly work to ensure that we are only publishing balanced, relevant, and informative content. They seek to ensure that their content is derived from the most important news stories, research reports, and announcements from the health industry and federal agencies.

Whenever possible our team meets with prominent or relevant leaders in the medical field in order to get expert opinions, professional analysis, and updates on the most recent developments in the health, wellness, and nutrition fields. All original content is vetted by our qualified editorial staff.

Our team selects the topics or their stories form sources like medical journals and conferences, government studies and actions, and independent books, articles, and other published materials from experts within the medical field. We also share content from our partners, advertisers, and other partners that we feel is relevant to our readers, and all such content is clearly labeled as such in accordance with all applicable local and federal laws and regulations.

It is our standard practice to ensure that all content, whenever possible, is reviewed by our medical editor for accuracy and appropriateness, as well as more generally for the quality, readability, and professionalism of the content. Only after all review procedures are completed is the content actually posted publically on our site.

Licensed Content

All published content that has been developed by third parties has been reviewed by our editorial staff to ensure that it does not present any conflicts of interest and is consistent with the policies and procedures that our editorial, marketing, and writing staffs are held to. This is to ensure that all content found on Customer Health Guide is as accurate and relevant to our readership’s needs as possible.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

Some of the content on our website, including buttons, badges, and banners, is labeled as “Sponsored,” “From our Sponsor,” or “Advertisement.” All of this content is still considered subject to the rules and policies used to regulate our original content as per the stipulations laid out in this and other policy pages on this website.

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Advertising Disclosure

All information made public is offered by businesses given compensation. This can alter the appearance of content. The table fails to cite all the available products but efforts will be made to be fully transparent. No matter the affiliation or sponsorship, all displayed content is offered without prejudice.