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Weightnot Review – Shocking truth about Weightnot

What is Weightnot?

Weightnot is a wellness program offering support for dieting and exercise, as well as supplements for weight loss. A common problem with diet pills is that although the pill itself can help people lose weight, it can be hard to keep consistent results. It’s hard to stay track with your weight loss goals when there is no real plan. That’s where Weightnot steps in, offering people a 3 stage plan to help them reach their weight loss goals.

Weightnot combines various factors, including a healthy diet, supplements, coaching, education, community and activities so that people can lose weight and keep it off. The 3 stages include rebalancing, resetting and retraining. So with a whole diet plan, things should work out right? Or do they not? We decided to find out. Our experts reviewed many diet pills and found Sletrokor to be the most effective. More information on the Sletrokor is available in the link provided here.

Who makes it?

pills-06The Weightnot programs are produced by a company of the same name, which is based out of Maryland. Weightnot provides diet and nutrition plans for people looking to lose weight. To sign up for one of their programs, one needs to go to the company’s official website.

How (and) does it work?

Weightnot is not a dietary supplement. Instead it is a wellness program that is designed to help people lose weight. There are 2 separate programs that people can choose from, Thintervention, which is designed to help people lose 8-15 pounds a month on average and Thintensity, which helps people lose 15-30 pounds a month. Weightnot has coaches that are included with the program meant to help people stay motivated.  There are 3 separate stages. The stages are as follows:


Stage 1 is to remove and rebalance the individual’s habits. This stage includes detoxification, reducing cravings and getting the individual to start using better eating habits as a whole.

Stage 2 is to reset and reduce the individual’s eating habits. This will produce less hunger cravings, which will help weight loss stay consistent. In this stage the metabolism is reset.

Stage 3 is to restore and retrain. In this stage the diet is diversified, and physical activity is increased. This ensures digestive health to be restored. Training is included in this step, so as to make sure that weight is kept off.


Despite offering a complete diet plan, results may vary depending on how dedicated the person is. There are positive testimonials on the website, but there is no way of verifying if any of them are real. Results depend on the person and if they are really up to the task of sticking to a regimented diet plan. The comprehensive top 10 list featured here has the highest rated diet pills of 2016.

What’s inside of it and are there side effects?

There is no diet pill included with Weightnot. Instead people are instructed to generally eat healthier. The food that they are instructed to consume consists of lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits and fresh seasonings. The belief is that if you consume healthy food, the weight loss will come along with it as well.

The side effects that can come from this would only arise if the individual is allergic to a food that they recommend, for example shellfish. This of course can be adjusted after talking to the coaches about what the person can and cannot eat.

Instead of this program, if you are interested in the best diet pills, check out the top 10 list.

What’s good about it?

For people that have become jaded and cynical about diet pills and their effectiveness, a diet and nutrition program may be a welcome change of pace.

What’s bad about it?


Essentially when it boils down to it, Weightnot helps people lose weight through putting them on a strict low calorie diet. This of course is going to help the person lose weight, but it can be hard to follow, especially if the person is already accustomed to overeating. Because of this, there is no solid proof that this program can work.

It’s similar to how multi-level marketing works. They claim that you need to stick to a given program, and if you don’t see results, well that’s your fault, and not the fault of the program. If you can commit to what they say it will work, but otherwise there’s nothing else to go on here.

There’s also the fact that Weightnot is fairly expensive. Thintervention costs $5 a day and Thintensity is $9 a day. While this may not seem like a lot on the surface, over time, the cost will increase greatly. Why go paying so much money, when you can just as easily diet on your own with a notebook to keep track of your eating habits? The top 10 diet pills have been reviewed in a comprehensive list.

Wrap Up

Being on a low calorie diet program can definitely help people lose weight. However, people can do this without a trainer, and there’s no real point in paying a company to do what you can essentially do on your own for free.

  • Effectiveness62%3.1/5
  • Consumer reviews58%2.9/5
  • Quality of ingredients62%3.1/5
  • Cost70%3.5/5
  • Money Back68%3.4/5
  • Overall Rating64%3.2/5
Bottom Line:

Weight loss can be a hard goal to attain. With so many diet pills available and so many being nothing more than scams, it’s easy to lose hope. While Weightnot does offer an alternative to all this, the cost overtime may be so high that it’s just not worth it. As it stands with this program, there’s simply no reason to pay for something that you can do on your own for free. Our experts found that the best diet pill of 2016 is Sletrokor.  Discover more information about the Sletrokor by clicking here.

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  1. avatar Janice Buda says:

    Anyone can lose weight eating 850 calories a day
    The supplements – many pills a day and scoops full of powdered supplements are overwhelming. I needed to hire someone to keep up with the pill schedule. The cost is outrageous with no money back if dissatisfied. The third night of taking all this medicine, my lips and tongue went numb. I am an insulin dependent diabetic, and the diet was not enough to sustain a dose of insulin. My dr had to sign a waiver, but they do not disclose how much supplements you have to take nor how few calories you eat/ day. I just threw away $635 for nothing!!

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