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Customer Health Rating: 4.9/5

18 Shake Review: Is It Safe?

What is 18 Shake?

Ranking itself as the greatest meal replacement shake on the market, 18 Shake sees itself as a wholesome provider of well rounded nutrition. Their shakes are offered in vanilla as well as chocolate and they’re intended to be consumed at least twice daily for results.

They feature all natural ingredients and an e-book for meal plans. Overall at face value it appears useful, but let’s figure out what stands after we delve deep. You can order 18 Shake with 40% discount here.

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Customer Health Rating: 3.1/5

Vi Shake Review – Shocking truth about Vi Shake

What is Vi Shake?

Kits are the main selling point behind this nutritional shake that the makers claim offers less sugar and carbohydrates while still keeping a high protein output. One can buy the meal replacement shake solo, or have it alongside other supplements or snacks for increased weight management.

According to the company website over 500 million of these shakes have been sold and many have taken part of their 90 day diet program.

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Customer Health Rating: 2.7/5

Vega One Nutritional Shake Review: Is It Safe?

What is Vega One Nutritional Shake?

Vega One Nutritional Shake is a meal replacement made solely from plant based protein. This meal replacement shake offers a high amount of amino acids while avoiding other proteins such as dairy. It is a product that is not only GMO free, but it is free of any gluten while still being vegan friendly.

It features a lot of organic ingredients but it is not certified organic just yet. Overall, the product seems wholesome and even has a good addition of vegetables and fruits. This review will go over the important facts surrounding Vega One Nutritional Shake. In reviewing several meal replacements, our experts found 18Shake to be the best in terms taste and results. Many users say it tastes great, mixes easy, and helps suppress appetite for hours. Discover more about the top rated meal replacement 18Shake by clicking here.

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Customer Health Rating: 2.6/5

Spiru-Tein Review – Does it Really Work?

What is Spiru-Tein?

These lineup of meal replacement strategies in the form of a shake contain what is said to be a complete protein source. It mentions one can expect more energy and weight loss to ones proper diet and exercise plan; needed for true weight loss.

Their products are available without gluten and they even include an organic lineup. Their formula relies on a 3 mixed protein blend in order to provide all the essential amino acids.

A lot is presented therefore it’s important to see what it can actually do. Let’s see what’s inside.

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Customer Health Rating: 3.2/5

Special K Review – Does This Product Really Work?

What is Special K?

This nationwide brand produces protein shakes and even morning shakes in various different flavors in ready made liquid bottles. They’re meant to satisfy hunger and can be drank at all times of the day for a quick hunger satisfying shake.

Mentions of it being a meal replacement are not offered however. What it claims to provide is a good source of fiber and protein that can help supplement a healthy diet regimen.

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Customer Health Rating: 2.6/5

Slimfast Review – Shocking truth about Slimfast

What is Slimfast?

One of the most popular brands that features a host of different products intended to satisfy demands for a meal replacement strategy. Each bottle contains varying amounts of protein as well as an additional 24 vitamins and minerals.

They offer bars as well to assist for snack options that are also low in calories. It’s all meant to provide a solution to weight loss within the Slimfast umbrella. However, is it the optimum meal replacement and how good is it?

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Customer Health Rating: 2.4/5

Secure Meal Replacement: Is It Safe?

What is Secure Meal Replacement?

Providing a low calorie(70 calories to be exact) and GMO free version of a meal replacement shake in 6 different unique flavors. The product also has 11 vitamins and 14 minerals all encompassed inside these formulas. They offer their products in 10, 30, 60 and even 100 serving portions as well as an auto-shipping program.

Also this product is meant to be easily digested, however it is not considered a true meal replacement as they mention it’s meant for occasional consumption. It’s great they have a ton of fun flavors and have GMO free practices, but let’s examine even deeper and see what this product can do.

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Customer Health Rating: 2.7/5

Right Size Smoothies Review – Shocking truth about Right Size Smoothies

What is Right Size Smoothies?

By replacing two meals a day, Right Size Smoothies claims to provide customers with weight loss up to 18lbs in just 12 weeks. This is offered thru one of their plans consisting of either 30, 60, and even 90 days of dieting.

There’s over 100 recipes one can do with their smoothies depending on the flavor one chooses and the fruit one craves. So far there’s a lot of giant claims and a full range of possibilities. So let’s dig deep and see if this is all true.

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Customer Health Rating: 3.2/5

Optifast Review – Does it Really Work?

What is Optifast?

Intended for obese people with at least 50 pounds over their healthy body weight, this brand offers a variety of options including shakes for supplementation. They company has clinics that offer a comprehensive weight loss management system with medical supervision, calorie and diet plans, mood diaries and personal support.

However one can just take in the shakes if it does not fit ones busy schedule. These shakes are available already made or in powdered form to be mixed with liquids. These products while recommended after bariatric surgery can be taken without.

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Customer Health Rating: 3.1/5

Lean Body Review – Does it Really Work?

What is Lean Body?

One of the largest providers of protein found in a nutritional shake, this product has revamped its formula and now features more fiber. The product is available in powdered form or in liquid shakes and ranges in flavors.

The intended purpose is for it to be used before and after a workout, and the main demographic is for people who work out heavy. In fact the makers have included a rough guide for fitness routines one could implement for optimal results. This product claims to be the best so it’s important to see just how truthful it is.